The Walking Dead’s ratings have now hit a series low


The Walking Dead has suffered a ratings hit in season 9.

Despite AMC declaring their intentions to keep The Walking Dead going for the next decade, fans have been considerably less optimistic about the show’s long-term future.  If the recent numbers for season 9 are anything to go by, those concerns are well justified.

The reception so far for season 9 has so far been some of the best the show has seen in years but it may be a classic case of too little, too late.

After the much-hyped season premiere from last week ‘A New Beginning’ brought in the lowest ratings for a premiere since way back in season 1, last Sunday’s episode ‘The Bridge’ fared even worse according to Deadline.

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While the DVR numbers haven’t been factored in yet, the initial numbers have ‘The Bridge’ bringing in slightly less than five million viewers.  Perhaps the most telling number is the rather paltry 2.0 rating it received from the coveted 18-49 group. Just in case you’re wondering, that is the lowest rating the show has ever had, even going back to season 1.

There will likely be a slight uptick in viewers for the exits of Rick and Maggie but history has proven The Walking Dead ratings rarely (if ever) sustain itself once the selling point has passed.  Carl’s death last season did nothing to stop the show’s hemorrhaging ratings after all despite two and a half months worth of buildup.

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Do you think the show’s ratings will improve any time soon?  Do you think AMC should reconsider its plans for The Walking Dead’s future?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.