9-1-1 season 2, episode 7 recap: Haunted


‘Tis the season of tricks and treats on this week’s episode of 9-1-1–and ghost calls.

9-1-1 gave us another spooky Halloween episode this week, and it had it all–ghosts, zombies, and everything in between. While last season things got crazy and the full moon’s effect cast a spell over the city of Los Angeles, this season was about being haunted in a literal and metaphorical sense.

But don’t be mistaken, 9-1-1 gave us zombies, ghosts making ghost calls, and even a sad scene with a dying horse that lasted longer than one would expect but fit in just perfectly nonetheless. And then there’s Eddie, the sweet, sexy father looking for the perfect school for his son. Luckily, he finds just the one but it requires Mrs. Diaz to come in for a family interview.

It was assumed that his baby momma was out of the picture but in fact, she lives in Los Angeles, and they never actually got divorced. Rather, she left them when her mother got sick and never came back, and eventually, he shifted their life to Los Angeles (most likely to within a reasonable distance from her).

While I thought it’d be a battle to get her to show up, she does so pretty quickly and goes to the interview as was asked of her. This happens after she and Eddie get into an argument over her request to see their son and he tells her she can’t. But don’t worry, it looks like sexy Eddie is rekindling things with the wifey because the two embrace in lip-lock after her interview. Sigh.

Credit: Jack Zeman / FOX.

Meanwhile, Hen is facing a ghost of her own this week on 9-1-1 in the form of her father–a father that she hasn’t seen since she was 9 but is now on life support. Being the next of kin, it is now Hen’s decision to take him off of life support or keep him on. It’s a rather distressing decision for her to make given that he abandoned her and her mother at a young age.

She eventually comes to terms with what happened with their relationship and she chooses to forgive him and makes the decision to take him off of life support. That scene was all the feels, and the heartbreak was too real.

Speaking of heartbreak, the team gets called to a party where a horse is spooked and ends up getting injured. With very little they can do to save him, the decision to put the horse to sleep and out of its misery is made, and it’s really tough to watch.

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In fact, it is quite the long scene that plays out in melancholy silence as Hen tries to sedate him but freezes (probably thinking about her father).

Bobby takes over for her which is tragic in itself considering the past with his own family dying because of him.

While there were many metaphorical ghosts during this episode of 9-1-1, Buck is convinced they are real after a 9-1-1 call is placed from a hiking trail.

When they arrive on the scene, Buck and Eddie find human skeleton bones in a small cave off the cliff before finding the actual guy who fell down. When they talk to him about the call that was placed, the man states his phone was long gone before he could make an actual call.

Was a ghost responsible for making that call? Buck seems to think so. And while Athena may not believe in ghosts, she spends all her efforts in locating the family of the individual whose bones were found. She had a situation in the past and she hopes to redeem herself by tracking down the family that must have been looking for their deceased loved one.

She enlists Maddie’s help at the call center and Buck’s theory starts to make more sense when the recent call is compared to an old call. Interestingly enough, Maddie’s call has static only despite her claiming to have talked to someone on the other end, and the old call sounded just like the call she had. Say what 9-1-1?!

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Perhaps the best part of this episode, however, is seeing the different frightening calls the team had to respond to including a sinkhole in the cemetery in which a man gets pulled into the ground and crushed by the dirt. Of course, one of the men rising from the dirt was comparable to a zombie so that made for a hilarious oopsie moment.

This entire situation propagates Buck’s decision to finally leave Abby and her home behind. He has waited for so long and now he understands he has to look out for himself and do something that will make him happy. So he leaves her a note and bids farewell to this chapter of his life–and based on next week’s promo, he wastes no time getting back into the game.

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