The Gifted season 2, episode 5 recap: afterMath


In “afterMath”, everyone on The Gifted is licking their wounds after the Inner Circle’s victory.

The Gifted attempts to tackle racial profiling with Jace’s backstory which tries to show how the young officer grew to hate mutants. His partner is quick to tase an innocent mutant kid waiting for his friend simply because he’s a mutant. While Jace immediately points out how wrong that is, he ends up arresting the mutant anyways.

Meanwhile, Caitlin seems to be suffering from some guilt over putting her daughter in a life-threatening situation. Luckily, Lauren is just suffering from a mild concussion and Reed tells his wife to deal with the other patients. She agrees but quickly confronts John over his inability to get Andy and Lorna, as well as protect Lauren. He rightfully shuts her down, he did everything he could in a chaotic situation. They need to focus on saving the one man who might have some insight about the Inner Circle rather than sit around squabbling.

In the meantime, Marcos and Clarice try to figure out how to handle the influx of mutants. With Sentinel Services on high alert, they don’t have many options. Clarice suggests they take everyone to the Morlocks where they can be protected. Marcos is immediately dismissive of sending people to live in the sewers but Clarice points out that’s what air freshener is for.

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At the Inner Circle, everyone seems to be enjoying the protests their antics have inspired. Everyone except Andy, who isn’t in the best mood following his face-off with Lauren. Lorna consoles him by saying he did just enough to get them out of there without killing her. However, how could she possibly know that? For all Andy and the Inner Circle know, Lauren could have died from head injuries after the fact.

The Gifted introduces its latest mutant in “afterMath” but she’s not exactly in the greatest spirits. Turns out the mutant they saved from the mental hospital hasn’t spoken a word since she arrived. The Frost Sisters enter her mind to see the amount of torture she’s endured during her time there.

Caitlin asks around about Andy, which predictably brings up nothing. However, she does admit to Reed that she feels responsible for what happened to their daughter. It’s refreshing to see her finally realize that her crusade to save her son could end up killing her daughter. Lauren tells her dad that she looked in Andy’s eyes and saw how much of a believer he’s become. Nothing will stand in the way of the Inner Circle and Lauren finally realizes what a threat her brother has become. Looks like The Gifted is headed towards another sibling showdown and something tells us Andy might not be so lucky next time.

Especially since he’s gotten a new friend to occupy his time. Rebecca, otherwise known as Twist, is not exactly performing well in training. Lorna tries to use their shared mental hospital history but even that doesn’t work. The Frost Sisters are worried about how Reeva’s reaction if they can’t get Rebecca to work. Andy points out they should stop treating her as a “weapon” and instead talk to her like a person. He offers to help, and the Frost Sisters agree since they’re out of options.

John ends up being a hero at the hospital when he helps save a patient alongside Caitlin. He’s desperate for answers, and nothing is going to stand in his way including acid skin. They save the patient, and Caitlin ends up having to help John following the burns all over his skin. She takes the time to talk to him and console him as well. The Gifted is at its best when Caitlin is the understanding but tough mom compared to the erratic and unhinged mother she’s been this season. The man wakes up to give them the name of Rebecca’s psychiatrist right before he passes out again.

THE GIFTED: L-R: Emma Dumont, guest star Anjelica Bette Fellini and Percy Hynes White in the “afterMath” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Oct. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX.

Marcos makes a new friend despite his hatred for the sewers. One of the women from the mental hospital has the powers of creating light orbs with her hands. She likes to see the light in the darkness despite being locked up for years. While they’re talking, Clarice is negotiating with Erg. He doesn’t want mutant refugees but will take them in so long as she agrees to do him another favor.

Jace seems to find his place within the Purifiers. While he’s uncomfortable with their racist rhetoric, he does help them strategize. Instead of facing off against mutant protestors, they should focus on rounding up the mental hospital escapees.

Andy is showing Rebecca around after he encouraged her to show her powers. Turns out she can turn things inside out, which is probably a pretty useful offensive tool. Lorna acts like the disapproving mother when Andy reveals he’s taking Rebecca out for some food. He’s trying to prove that she’s free, but it’s very clear she’s just trading in one prison for another. She’s signing up for a new war without a say, but at least she has Andy!

Erg tries to sway Clarice onto the Morlocks side. He doesn’t want to join either the Underground or the Inner Circle. Both ideas seem ridiculous to him, instead, he just wants to survive on their own. They break into a store to steal some supplies, something which Clarice initially looks down upon. But by the end, it does seem like she’s beginning to understand the Morlock side. Will she be joining their group by the end of this season?

THE GIFTED: Coby Bell in the “afterMath” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Oct. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Quantrell Colbert/FOX.

As Marcos is waiting for Clarice to return, he continues bonding with the patient from before. He learns how she wound up in the hospital but their friendship seems to be cut short. Erg says he’ll keep all of the refugees so long as they brand their faces with the “M”. Marcos is furious, however, Clarice points out that it’s not their decision. The mutants all agree because they have no other options left to go.

Caitlin and John run into some trouble when Jace Turner and his army of Purifiers show up at the hospital. They hide all of the mutants in the secret room, but these people are out for blood. Jace notices the acid secreted on the table. The Purifiers attack the doctor, who manages to stay strong despite their attack. John wants to go out and save him, but Caitlin knows this would once again destroy the Underground. When her patient dissolves another needle, John thinks they need to go out there. However, the patient is also a veteran, and he knows the mission comes first. He tells Caitlin to say he’ll be fine (even though she can clearly see he’s not) in order to keep John inside.

Naturally, John doesn’t take his new friend’s death well. The cops come and force the Purifiers out but it’s already too late. Caitlin says his sacrifice won’t be in vain once they find Rebecca but he’s still frustrated at the sacrifices he’s been forced to make.

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Rebecca and Andy get up to some typical teenage antics by messing with some police officers. Definitely, the right decision for two kids trying to stay undercover. She turns a cop car inside out and then encourages Andy to rip it apart until it explodes. She’s ecstatic at the show of his powers but even Andy knows he’s made the wrong decision. It doesn’t matter though since the two share a kiss and the Strucker boy is clearly smitten. Even the Frost Sisters and Lorna can, however, the latter looks a little more worried about it than the others.

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