Light as a Feather season 1, episode 2 recap: …Pretty as a Picture


Episode 2 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather shows us the circumstances to Olivia’s unfortunate accident. Or was it an accident?

This Light as a Feather episode begins back at the graveyard, where it’s Alex’s (Brianne Tju) turn to be levitated in their little game.

Violet (Haley Ramm) says gravely, “Alex Portnoy’s never at a loss for words,” but that she’ll meet a tragic end. She’ll be choking, terrified, but no one can help.

Given what we saw in the last episode, it seems pretty ominous, right? That aside, the ladies have another curse: Their parents! McKenna (Liana Liberato) is 2 hours past her curfew. Violet offers to make an excuse, but McKenna insists on facing the music.

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However, she gets grounded, which means she can’t go to Olivia’s (Peyton List) party or see Henry (Dylan Sprayberry).

Key episode events

Light as a Feather moves sort of fast, so there may be some details you’ll want to remember: Olivia’s hosting a fundraiser for an anti-bullying initiative. Trey Emory (Jordan Rodrigues) — the boy next door to McKenna — rescues her dog and fixes their fence, yet no one seems to appreciate it.

Violet has some pretty big scars on her lower back. Candace (Ajiona Alexus) calls Violet a psycho for buying the 400 dollar dress for McKenna.

Later, Alex appears to be choking but it’s just a fake-out. Also, at Olivia’s party, all the girls are dancing with boys except Violet. The party takes a moody turn when, for whatever reason, Alex mention’s Olivia’s shoplifting incident during a party speech.

We also learn that Henry Richmond quit the tennis team because he’s not as good at other schools (he has more competitors, in other words).

Then, as another form of embarrassment, McKenna’s mom (Dorian Brown Pham) shows up drunk and removes her from the party, incensed that she snuck out despite being grounded (which is a bit understandable).

After that, Olivia gets upset after seeing Isaac (Brent Rivera) and Candace kissing. This causes Olivia to angrily leave in her car, and presumably drive angrily, too.

Then, pretty much out of nowhere, we’re also shown that Vivian is some sort of moth queen! After seeing them flutter about her, it’s revealed that Olivia’s not answering her phone.

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Then, as one might expect after the first episode, there’s a news report about a victim dying in a crash. We see Olivia’s severed arm on a road. So, yeah, it’s safe to assume she’s out of the game.

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