Light as a Feather season 1 premiere recap: …Stiff as a board


In season 1 premiere of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, an innocent game starts to take on sinister dimensions. That’s what happens when you party in graveyards!

The first episode of Light as a Feather begins with a party in a graveyard. A boy named Isaac (Brent Rivera) sneaks up on and frightens a bunch of young ladies.

It seems that Violet Simmons (Haley Ramm) is their leader, but McKenna Brady (Liana Liberato) seems prominent as well.

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Earlier that day

We flashback to high school during daylight hours. In true horror high fashion, Violet is accidentally pranked by Olivia Richmond (Peyton List), after the crafty Isaac dodged the prank.

The prank means Violet must clean herself up, and McKenna goes to console her after she freaks out. To make amends, and possibly out of pity, Violet is invited to their graveyard party later that night.

We also learn that McKenna was asked out by Henry Richmond (Dylan Sprayberry), that McKenna’s mom is named Deb (Dorian Brown Pham), and that Deb and McKenna’s dog Moxie inordinately barks at Violet (is she a witch, a demon or a goblin? We’ll find out eventually!).

Sadly, we learn that McKenna’s sister Jennie died of a heart attack. Happily, we learn that Violet bought McKenna an expensive dress that her mom found too expensive (is Violet rich, a demon or a goblin? We’ll find out eventually!).


Flash forward now to the graveyard scene, where our girls (and a guy or two) begin a rousing game of Light as a feather, stiff as a board. As they play the game, Olivia is raised as the others chant and state opinions or facts about her, and strangely predict the circumstances of her death.

It’s stated that Olivia Richmond had everything a girl could want — until she got hit by a truck. That’s when she had her skull crushed, ribs shattered and ” organs splayed across the console of the red, wrecked car.”

Sure enough, towards the episode’s end, Olivia’s separated left arm is on the blacktop, 50 feet from the wreckage of a formerly flashy red car. What gives?

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The question emerges yet again: Are they witches, demons or goblins? We’ll find out eventually! Basically, this seems like a good show for young adults looking for a simple horror experience. ‘Tis the season, being October and all!

That’s it for this Light as a Feather recap! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!