The Gifted season 2, episode 6 recap: iMprint


The Gifted takes us back with our first look at the Frost Sisters before their time in the Inner Circle.

“iMprint” takes us back eight years where we see the triplets locked up in a government facility. Skyler Samuels has spoken about the three of them having an intriguing backstory. Now we see them with the power inhibiting collars and working for a man who’s reminiscent of Dr. Campbell last season. Now it makes so much more sense why Esme on edge when her sisters were previously locked up. The man in charge forces the three kids to look inside of the mind for a captured mutant to find his family. Esme begs not to but the scientist says it’s his family or hers. Man, The Gifted isn’t going to pull any punches when it comes to violence against mutants.

Back to the present day, Esme is still suffering from the memory of Marcos burning her arm. The scar is still there, and she wants to wear sleeves to cover it. Her sisters aren’t too happy about her latest insecurity since it limits their fashion choice as well. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see the sisters begin to get unique personalities.

However, this week’s episode gives us the most comic-accurate version of how the Inner Circle works. The Hellfire Club has always been plagued by infighting and leadership being questioned. Lorna is finally fed up with Reeva’s mysterious “missions”. Their leader has been disappearing while the remaining mutants have been forced into aggressive training simulations. When the team coasts through the sim involving a SWAT team (Rebecca gets pretty aggressive though) Lorna confronts Reeva.

Naturally, an angry Reeva yells at the Frost Sisters for not handling the situation while she was away. They promise to fix things and Reeva agrees since she has a mysterious meeting to get to. Esme is the one who watches Lorna try to rock a crying Dawn to sleep. It’s a fun use of Esme’s powers to have her quickly get the baby to fall asleep. Seems like Aunt Esme will be at Lorna’s beck and call when it comes to soothing the infant in the future. However, Lorna wants to full transparency about what the Inner Circle is up to.

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Andy and Lauren are beginning to understand their unusual dreams and how to control them. The two meet up in the training room where Andy tries to recruit his sister. There’s a lot to like in this scene, including Lauren reflexively stepping back when Andy makes a movement. Their last encounter could’ve killed her and who’s to say he won’t try again. However, she touches an object in the scene which causes her to wake up with blood on her finger.

The rest of the Struckers have their own agendas to deal with on The Gifted this week. Caitlin is taking Lauren to speak with the psychiatrist who locked up all of the mutants. Meanwhile, Reed begins training with John to try and gain control. He admits to his wife that it feels like he’s drowning when his powers kicked in. John realizes getting Reed angry and his heartbeat up triggers his powers. Any progress counts, right? Unfortunately, their lessons are cut short when Marcos and Clarice reveal the Purifiers bombed a church full of mutant refugees.

Welcome back Shatter! Some of the mutants from the first season of The Gifted have their own outpost where they’ve taken in some of the mutant refugees. John encourages Reed to work through his pain or else his powers could flare up again. Unfortunately, now isn’t the time because Reed wants to focus on creating new ID’s. Shatter offers some sage advice to Reed about embracing his new powers or he’ll always see it as something ugly.

THE GIFTED: L-R: Stephen Moyer and guest star Jermaine Rivers in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette BrownFOX.

He won’t have much time to adapt because the Purifiers are on their way. The church bombing was meant to flush the mutants out to the Underground. By the time everyone realizes this, John reports the hate group is already on its way. Looks like Jace Turner is going to be more of a threat than any of them initially anticipated. Despite some of the trigger-happy members of the Purifiers want to shoot everyone, but Jace encourages them to wait for people to surrender. He keeps saying they’re the “good guys” while the mutants are all bad. Seems like he’s trying to convince himself.

The Gifted dresses up Esme and Lorna in their best “yoga mom” garb to go scout their next location. It’s a bank who’s been funding almost every despicable thing against mutants imaginable. Lorna isn’t sold, but Esme reveals a bit more about her history. That banks funded the program which created her and her “sisters”. It’s awesome to see the show follow their comic book routes as clones and it does leave the door open for more sisters to join the series. To escape the scientist’s grasp, the three have the guards shoot the man before having them all shoot each other. The thirteen-year-olds walk out physically unscathed but traumatized.

Just as the two begin to build up trust, Esme slips up. She begins humming the tune Lorna sings to Dawn. Unfortunately, only Lorna sings that to Dawn and Dawn alone. Understandably, she’s furious about someone rooting around inside her daughter’s head. Choking Esme, she threatens to kill anyone who messes with her and her baby. Reeva interrupts them before anything becomes fatal, but trust has been completely shattered.

Caitlin’s and Lauren’s road trip doesn’t exactly result in a lot of bonding. After their latest encounter in her dream, Lauren is suddenly shaken about her allegiance to the Underground. Before they can discuss the issue further, they arrive at the psychiatrist’s office. However, when they reveal they’re looking for Rebecca Hoover, the woman runs to call for help. Lauren quickly notices her fear and tries threatening her for information. Caitlin looks shocked at her daughter’s sudden abrasive actions, but it’s not like she can really judge following “outMatched“.

THE GIFTED: L-R: Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White in the “iMprint” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette BrownFOX.

At the very least she’s able to keep the situation from getting violent. Caitlin uses her natural empathy to win the doctor over and she shows them the truth about Rebecca’s family. She twisted a doctor’s head inside out which is also how she murdered her family. Sounds like Andy might have the worst judgment when it comes to girls.

Back at the Inner Circle, The Frost Sisters seem to disagree on how to handle Lorna. Sophie and Phoebe think they should just control her but Esme isn’t a big fan of using her powers in such a manipulative way. Unfortunately, she’s outvoted by her sisters and Reeva. The latter takes a quiet moment to text back a date, which has us wondering what she’s really up to in her free time.

It’s a battleground for Reed, Clarice, Marcos, and the rest of the Underground. The Purifiers fired gas into the room which has them all fleeing. Reed thinks he can melt the wall to make an exit but they need a distraction. Shatter volunteers but dies in the process. RIP Shatter, it was nice to have you back for even one episode. With John encouraging him and plagued by his worst memories, Reed is able to activate his powers. It seems like only a matter of time the Inner Circle will try to recruit him because those powers could easily defeat any one of their members if he manages to touch them.

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While Esme may have been outvoted, it seems like she’ll be forming her own secret alliance with Lorna. The Gifted reveals Mindee and Celeste, the other two Stepford Cuckoos from the comics, did actually exist. During the Frost Triplets’ escape, their other two sisters were killed by their collars. Feeling that death and fear left Esme scarred, but she won’t let Dawn ever suffer the same way.

If Lauren was doubting the Underground before, she’s officially against the Inner Circle by the end of the episode. Now that she knows they would use a psychopath to presumably murder people, she’s planning to bring Andy home even if it has to be done by force. Caitlin looks completely shocked especially now that she’ll have to pick a side between her children. In the meantime, Reed’s powers never stopped after the attack from the Purifiers and he’s horrified.

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