Homecoming season 1, episode 7 recap: Test


Heidi starts to become suspicious of the Homecoming facility–better late than never, right?

Homecoming is getting good, really good. I mean, it already was but as Heidi is starting to become more aware of the secret and mystery of the Homecoming facility, things are taking a wild turn. After resisting Thomas’ initial inquiry, Gloria is on board to help out, especially considering Thomas believes something shady was done to Walter–just like she’s been saying.

It’s currently week 5 for Walter and based on his mannerisms, demeanor, and memory, something is definitely off. And Heidi catches onto that during one of their sessions when he no longer remembers his Titanic Rising story, and even worse, he barely remembers his time at war.

While Heidi is freaking out, Walter seems calm and collect, and thinks that whatever Homecoming has been helping him with is working. In fact, he feels extremely happy and it comes as no surprise, considering all bad memories have completely vanished.

Concerned over this sudden change in Walter, Heidi calls Colin who has the completely opposite reaction. He’s thrilled that their medications are working, and it seems like this has been the goal of Homecoming all along.

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Meanwhile, in the present, Thomas meets with Heidi to play one of the tapes from her and Walter’s sessions. She’s confused as to why he has them in the first place, but it turns out that Heidi was the one to send the tapes to Gloria back in 2018.

But Heidi still has no idea or memory of her Homecoming days or of anyone she helped to treat (Walter, Shrier, etc). Is it possible that Heidi was given the same medication because she started going against the facility, Colin, and everything they stood for?

Because Heidi knew everything, could it be that Colin drugged her with the medication so she too could lose her memory? Or did she do it to herself? The plot thickens–oh boy, does it ever.

And just like that, the mystery of Homecoming unravels in a very epic and riveting way. The reason for the entire program is simply to redeploy all the men. The medication is a means to eliminate any PTSD or trauma the men experienced during their previous tours so the facility can prepare them for redeployment. Uhhh, what?!

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Colin tries to pitch the whole thing in a positive light, and claims that this is what the soldiers want–but come on Colin–seriously?

In the middle of Thomas’ questioning, Ellen shows up and stops him, while Colin/Hunter is creepily sitting outside in his car watching her house. He calls her just as she makes the decision to go visit the Homecoming facility, and like a knight in shining armor, he offers to give her a ride.

Naturally, we can all see the irony in this situation, and hate Colin oh so much for it. He’s the worst–absolute worst.