Homecoming season 1, episode 6 recap: Toys


Walter’s mother attempts to get to the bottom of the Homecoming mystery as she tries to seek out her son.

Homecoming is becoming so much fun to watch as the episodes go on and as we approach the back half of the season, it’s only getting better. In this episode, Walter’s mother, Gloria, is determined to track down her son who she learns is not part of some VA program.

In fact, she learns that he is part of a program that is run by a company called Geist, a name she notices on the label of her soap. This sheds some light on the company as a whole and now it’s all but guaranteed that Geist is shady AF. Realizing something isn’t right, Gloria heads to Tampa to get Walter back.

In the present, things are getting weirder as Colin tries to befriend Heidi in order to get closer to her. He goes to the same laundromat as her and keeps trying to engage her into a conversation, but our girl isn’t that interested. I was hoping that she would continue to blow him off but then he says exactly what he knows she will respond to–saying he is a war veteran who just returned a few days ago from Afghanistan.

While Heidi has no memory of her time at Homecoming, this triggers something in her and sparks her interest enough to talk to him too. Ugh, why Heidi, why?!

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Meanwhile, Gloria arrives at Homecoming ready to take down anyone that blocks her from getting to Walter. And although she is definitely not allowed to, Heidi takes Gloria back to see Walter, with Craig looking upon her with bewilderment (tattletale!).

Heidi is surprised to learn that Gloria found the facility at all to which Gloria tells her that she did a lot of research and dwindled it down to 8 options before finding the correct one. As mother and son reunite, Heidi is lost in her own thoughts.

In the present, Colin er Hunter (as Heidi knows him) asks Heidi out on a date hoping to learn more about what she might remember. It’s a bit awkward at first because Heidi doesn’t seem all that into it and Colin is just uber aggressive with his questions.

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Back at Homecoming, Gloria goes ham on Walter asking about the program, it’s purpose, why he’s there, etc. And while he’s not convinced anything is wrong with Homecoming, he briefly decides to leave with her for her own sanity.

It’s a moment I was very curious to see unfold, if at all because whether or not he could simply walk out was yet to be seen.

Of course, Heidi did her thing and convinced him not to leave because if he actually did leave at this stage of the program, the consequences could be extremely harmful to him.

It’s still shocking to comprehend how Heidi doesn’t see the bad in this place, even Gloria makes a comment to her as she heads out in frustration.

The best part of this episode of Homecoming? Learning that the complaint Thomas is investigating is one that Gloria placed to the Department of Defense. She left a message saying that Walter is being held at Homecoming against his will and that he needs to come home ASAP. We see her complaint print out at the office but with it a dozen others that likely caused the delay in Thomas finding it years later.

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One thing leads to another and Heidi and Colin/Hunter end up in a motel room together (cringe) and after sleeping together, Heidi falls deeper into an unrecognizable guilt regarding her past and what she may have done. Colin/Hunter goes along with her desire to learn more about Homecoming, hoping that it will help him gauge just how much she can recall.

We’re not sure what will happen from here on out, but at least the Heidi of the past finally stood up to stupid ‘ol Craig.