Homecoming season 1, episode 9 recap: Work


The Homecoming season 1 penultimate episode sets up the story and takes us back to the moment Heidi interviewed for the job that would change the course of her life forever.

Homecoming has so many timelines that it’s akin to an episode of HBO’s Westworld. And while we sort through the multiple timelines, we are given another one, this time in the form of Heidi interviewing for the job at Geist/Homecoming.

Heidi is all smiles as she sits in front of Colin and seems eager to take on this new role in what appears to be a promising company. But reality comes sinking back in when time flashes forward to Heidi in Thomas’ car and she asks Thomas what will come of her now that she remembers everything.

All the memories are swirling around in Heidi’s head and anger overwhelms her as she thinks about how Colin fooled her and how Walter was so excited about being redeployed. In the past, Walter’s enthusiasm and gratitude regarding his deployment make matters worse and sends Heidi further down the guilt hole.

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But then Heidi does something completely unexpected, she asks Walter to join her for food in the cafeteria. Mind you, no one but the Homecoming clients are allowed to eat there, but it appears Heidi is feeling a bit rebellious.

But it’s Walter’s final day, and if there was ever a time to do something drastic, it’s now–even if it means ingesting the medicated food. My, oh, my.

Returning home from a whirlwind trip to Tampa, Colin starts to tell his wife about what he’s done.

However, instead of hearing him out, she asks him to write everything down on a piece of paper and put it away in their box of secrets. It’s as simple as that, huh?

Going into the kitchen, Heidi pulls out a week 6 meal (gnocchi!) for herself and Walter. Now, one would assume that this final week of medication is going to be heavily dosed, and the impact it will have on both of them can only be disastrous (as we already know).

Thomas fills his boss, Pam, in with everything that has happened and she recommends that he drop it. Something doesn’t feel right about their encounter, and my gut feeling is correct when she takes a phone out and calls the Geist office with the utmost urgency.

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And as if the prior day’s events were something so simple to put behind her, Heidi returns to work at Fat Morgan’s only to witness the random death of a customer. This prompts her to figure out this mystery once and for all as she decides to go and see Gloria.

And so the road trip begins–the one she never could take with Walter, but the one that will help her get the clarity and closure she so desperately needs.