Vice season 6, episode 24 recap: Death Inc. and Bannon’s World


On the latest episode of Vice, the show took a look at violence in Mexico and how populism is affecting Europe.

The first segment Vice aired after a one month break looked at the state of violence and corruption in Mexico.

Homicides in Mexico from gang-related violence are reaching record levels and because of massive corruption, the vast majority of the murders go unsolved. As a result, mass graves are scattered all over the country.

Since local government is widely considered to be corrupted by organized crime, local journalists in Mexico are one of the few ways to fight back against corruption.

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But that is an incredibly dangerous job that comes with a high risk of death, and usually a very unpleasant one. Apparently, the only place where it’s more dangerous to be a journalist than in Mexico is an actual war zone.

2018 wasn’t kind to politicians either, as over 150 Mexican politicians were killed or disappeared.

The 2018 Mexican elections also brought a new government and Vice managed to interview the woman they’ve nominated to lead the Department of the Interior.

A former Supreme Court Justice stressed a crackdown on corruption. But other people are skeptical about what exactly it will take to change the existing system.

The other story was a look at how European politics have been affected by populism in recent years.

One of Sweden’s political parties has grown significantly after campaigning on mass migration and immigration. People around the World began taking notice and upon election time the party got almost 20% of the vote.

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This is just one instance of how migration politics have affected European politics in recent years. Leading the movement to unite European political parties under the banner of migration is Steve Bannon, who is working with various political leaders across Europe.