California Wildfire destroys set of Westworld and other shows


The California Wildfire of 2018 has wreaked havoc on southern California over the last few days and in its wake taken down parts of Paramount Ranch where shows like Westworld have filmed.

The 2018 California Wildfire has been absolutely devastating for Southern California causing many to evacuate and flee their homes as a result. Known as the Woolsey Fire, the widespread flames have also made their way to the infamous Paramount Ranch.

For those who don’t know, Paramount Ranch has been around since the 1920’s and a great many films and shows have been filmed there, including the Escalante scenes from HBO’s WestworldPictures following the fire reveal that most of the Western town was burnt down with the exception of the church that many Westworld fans will immediately recognize.

The first two seasons of the hit HBO series were filmed there, and since production on season 3 has not yet begun and the California Wildfire is still ongoing, nothing has been reported as to whether or not there will be delays. However, first and foremost, the network sent their condolences to those affected by the fire.

Before Westworld ever set foot on the Paramount Ranch, a great many films and shows had already been there. The ranch first opened in 1927 and was sold to Paramount who filmed shows and movies such as The Maid of Salem  in1937 and The Adventures of Marco Polo in 1938.

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Since it’s original purchase, the ranch has had multiple owners including the National Park Service that owns a portion of the lot and has since 1980. After this, many other well-known shows and movies went on to film there including Helter Skelter, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, American Sniper, and the 1981 version of Scream.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the California Wildfire–please stay safe!