Westworld creators drop hints and details about season three


New details about Westworld have landed as creators Christopher Nolan and Lisa Joy drop hints about season three.

After the dust has settled from season two of Westworld and viewers have had time to digest the implications set up by the finale, Nolan and Joy opened up about what we can expect to see in season three. Nolan promises a “radical shift”, acknowledging that the hosts have a very different idea of mortality than humans and that their very nature allows them to perceive time in a very different way.

While humans lifespans are limited, hosts could technically be immortal – which gives Dolores the kind of patience required for plotting out long-term and intricate strategies. Nolan even said those plans could span eons. “I think clearly with Dolores, as she’s laid out, there is a longer view here, a larger set of goals. They’re existential. They span eons. And that’s a fascinating level of story to engage in.”

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So we can likely expect a huge shift in time next season of Westworld, which makes sense considering the season two post-credit scene featuring the host William/Man in Black testing for fidelity with a version of his daughter. So while eons may have passed, there is still a chance that some of our favorite human characters might make the jump with us. Although, once the human characters are hosts as well, it’s not so much a matter of human vs. host as it is a difference in ideology.

Lisa Joy teases another mystery of the season two finale – who exactly was in Charlotte Hale’s (Tessa Thompson) host body after Dolores had made the jump back into a more familiar shell? Many viewers speculated that Robert Ford’s consciousness had been recovered and transferred into Hale’s shell – but that just might be too obvious.

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Whatever they have planned for her, Joy is obviously very excited about it. “So we always knew that we were going to do this reveal and let her expand into this new role,” said Joy. “We have a very diabolical arc for her planned out. Part of the fun for the character will be self-realization. She will be realizing the things we know about who she is.”

Speaking of diabolical, Nolan and Joy certainly, know how to tease their audiences. The cryptic hints they give will have to sustain us for now until season three premieres on an as yet unannounced date.

Source: CinemaBlend