Light as a Feather season 1, episode 3 recap: ..Dead as a Doornail


In episode 3 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, Candace seems to think Violet’s a psychopath, responsible for Olivia’s death. Is she?

As the episode begins, the girls have gathered around in the Light as a Feather game. Violet (Haley Ramm) gives a speech about how Candace (Ajiona Alexus) hated the ocean.

As Candace is imagined dying, it’s stated that no one saw or heard the panic; “I never should have gone anywhere near that deep, blue ocean.”

In the here and now, Candace thinks violet is responsible for Olivia’s (Peyton List) death. Her brother Henry (Dylan Sprayberry) gives the eulogy.

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While looking at the casket, McKenna sees Olivia look at her! For obvious reasons, she freaks out and leaves. For even more added tensions, McKenna is still at odds with her mom (Dorian Brown Pham).

A little too helpful?

It turns out that, in addition to being a little creepy, Violet is a peer counselor. Also, after catching a light case of death, Olivia leaves a vacancy in the student council. Meanwhile, Alex (Brianne Tju) invites Violet to hang out with them, which Candace isn’t too crazy about.

She actually calls Violet a psychopath, implying she’s somehow responsible for Olivia’s death. By this time in the show, viewers know there’s something odd about Violet, but a full picture isn’t formed. However, she has interesting scars and an apparent affinity with butterflies.

McKenna visits Henry, telling him about her sister Jennies heart problems. While it’s understood that time often heals wounds, it’s true that not all wounds heal correctly. With all this death in the air, it’s fitting that the girls want a tree at school to be in Olivia’s name.

Why not focus a bit more on life, rather than morbid stuff all the time? However, Violet makes things awkward by starting a GoFundMe page in advance. The others find it suspicious because she barely knows any of them. She seems a little too eager to help.

The accident and the breakup

Perhaps on a quest for answers, McKenna meets Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) in the hospital. He denies he was high at the time of the accident. Later, in shop class, Alex says to Violet she knows the accident and the prediction were a coincidence.

However, in many of these character’s, there’s a hint that they suspect the game of “Light as a Feather” itself. Of course, they don’t wish to be seen as superstitious or foolish. Still, this may even be why Alex is so hostile to Violet. It’s less weird than believing the game has some magical properties.

This episode recalls that Olivia died hating Candace, as Candace was with Olivia’s man, Isaac (Brent Rivera). She meets with him now, but he breaks off the relationship, finding it too awkward due to their shared guilt over the matter.

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Shortly after, Isaac begins talking to Violet, peer counselor extraordinaire, about Olivia. Will she use this insider information for something sinister, or is she more innocent than everyone thinks?

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