9 Netflix original series to binge during the holidays

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Pine Gap / Image by Netflix

Pine Gap – December 7

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I’m a sucker for a good spy drama, especially when it comes from high-quality foreign origins with complex foreign affairs.

I don’t really know what this Australian import is about other than it takes place at some sort of US-Australian defense facility and that this alliance is put in jeopardy when evidence of spy activities on both sides come to light.

It sounds like there are a lot of players involved in what sounds like a giant, clever, and exciting chess match between countries. I love a plot with a lot of layers. There’s something so enjoyable about watching them peeled away to reveal the truth at the center.

I might be building this up too much, considering ABC is a co-producer, but it sounds worth a try.

Wanted season 3 / Image by Netflix

Wanted: Season Three – December 13

This Australian series about two women on the run after witnessing a murder and being framed for the crime is entering its third exciting season.

The series stars Rebecca Gibney (who also co-created the show with Richard Bell) and Geraldine Hakewell in a refreshing take on a plot that would normally revolve around two men.

Fuller House / Image by Netflix

Fuller House: Season 4 – December 14

It seems like just yesterday they were premiering what I thought was a one-off reunion-spinoff-reboot-nostalgia grab and suddenly here were are at season four.

Fuller House turned out to be more than the aforementioned epithet and became a highly popular series in its own right.

And while season four may very well be its last, this family sitcom is perfect viewing for those cold holiday nights after the family feast or easy viewing after a few too many eggnogs.