Fuller House: Everywhere you look, there is the season 4 trailer!


The Fuller House season 4 trailer is out–and the family is bigger (literally) and better than ever!

Fuller House is back for its fourth season (seriously, how is it season 4 already?). We last left the Fuller/Tanner/Gibbler clan with the exciting news that Kimmy is pregnant with Stephanie’s baby. Who would have thought years later that Kimmy would be a surrogate for Steph? It’s all super adorable and full circle for a family that many of us have spent our lives following and adoring.

When the series returns on Netflix, we will see our favorites immersed in the holiday spirit. There’s a pregnant Kimmy, love between Steve and DJ, and just a whole lot of joy and feelings all over the place. During the trailer that Netflix just dropped, you’ll overhear Steve telling DJ that they have to see if they can work once and for all. It’s about time, it’s only been decades, a couple marriages, and some children in.

We are super excited to see where the DJ/Steve romance goes because it is such a nostalgic throwback for long-time fans of the series. Apart from that, you’ll find so much mushy, gushy love in the Fuller House season 4 trailer. It’s the perfect time for season 4 to come out because it’s all about the holidays in the show and in real life.

The best part is that the original parental cast will be back once again as well. This includes Bob Saget, John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, and David Coulier. In fact, if you recall, all of them are moving back to San Francisco so perhaps they will be in this season more than the past ones! Now, if only the Olsen twins could make a cameo–that’d be great.

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During the fourth season of Fuller House, a lot of focus will be on Jackson and one of his romantic endeavors, and of course, Kimmy’s pregnancy. Who else is super excited for the series to return? Make sure to tune into Netflix on Dec. 14th when all-new episodes of Fuller House will be available for streaming.

What storyline are you most excited to see when the series returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell us what you’re thinking!