Inside the This is Us fall finale shocker


This article contains big spoilers about the latest This Is Us. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading!

Were you stunned watching the end of This Is Us on Tuesday night? Or maybe you saw it coming, like my mother. But the hit NBC show’s fall finale still left audiences screaming, “He’s alive!”

That’s right, Nicky Pearson is, indeed, alive and living in Bradford, PA! But didn’t he die in Vietnam? Isn’t that what Jack led his family and us to believe?

The series’ creator Dan Fogelman spoke with Deadline to give more insight into this shocking revelation. I know my biggest question is whether Jack knew Nicky was still alive. Fogelman says,

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"“What I can say is that there’s a complicated story that’s going to be told very quickly when we come back on the air, and it’s a story about what happened between Nicky and Jack. It’s very complicated. There’s a lot more to be told, and it’s coming very soon.”"

He also later says we will find much more within the first couple of episodes after the new year. But he’s not giving up too many specific details.

As far as who’s playing older Nicky when the series returns, it won’t be Michael Angarano, who’s doing a great job playing young Nicky. Griffin Dunne will take over the role.

You may have seen Dunne in Dallas Buyers Club and An American Werewolf in London. I know him as Vada’s cute poetry teacher in My Girl.

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Another big reveal was that the “her” that Randall and Tess are speaking about in the flash forwards is Rebecca, and not Beth, as everyone thought. Fogelman says we will see what that storyline is about when the show returns as well.

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Source: Deadline