Preacher renewed for season 4, will head to the land down under


Preacher has been a huge hit for many fans of the comic books, but its ratings always left it on the bubble.

The good news is that AMC still has faith in its supernatural television series and has renewed it for a fourth season.

After spending season 1 in rural Texas and the last two seasons in New Orleans, Cinema Blend reports that Preacher season 4 will move once again — leaving the Big Easy for the Land Down Under.

With the story of Jesse’s complicated relationship with his Gran’ma wrapped up in season 3, it is time to move on and prepare for a Holy War against the Grail.

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Season 4 will be 10 episodes — the same as the first three seasons. With Gran’ma, Jody and T.C. all dead, that leaves Jesse to try to rescue Cassidy — even if the two were no longer the close buddies that they were earlier in the series.

For fans of the comics, Herr Starr kidnapped Cassidy and took imprisoned him — torturing him by killing him over and over just to watch him rebuild thanks to being a vampire.

The Preacher TV series has moved slightly away from the comics on occasion. An example was Cassidy getting involved with Eccarius in season 3. In the comics, Cassidy killed the wannabe vampire he met in New Orleans, but that was the same way he killed his son in season 3 of the show.

This time around, it was The Children of Blood that took out Eccarius and then the Grail showed up and wiped them out, leaving Cassidy to become captive of Herr Starr.

Hoover also died in season 3, which isn’t what happened to him in the comics. There is also the idea of Hitler now being the “Ruler of Hell” — which much like Daryl from The Walking Dead, has nothing to do with the comic books.

Ratings for season 3 really jumped, with over one million people watching the season finale live — the most since season 2’s penultimate episode. The numbers also seem to double when looking at Live+3 viewers.

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That is really what convinced AMC to keep pushing along. It seems people are finally discovering what most fans of the show already know — Preacher is blasphemous and often very controversial — but it is one of the most entertaining shows on television.

Preacher season 4 will premiere later in 2019.