Room 104 season 2, episode 7 recap: The Man and the Baby and the Man


After Room 104 had the best episode of the season last week with “Arnold,” this week a couple makes a full video with their camcorder as they try to conceive a baby.

This episode of Room 104 opened with a woman opening the door and finding a man in what she thought was her room. The entire episode started with the man in the bed with his video camera.

As a matter of fact, the entire episode is shot with the video camera.

She said that she must be in the wrong room. However, the man asks her to come in and then she does. He asks her to take off her shirt so she does.

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Then he mentions that he is in his underwear so she should take off her skirt so she is in her underwear as well. She agrees but says her husband is in their room. It started off creepy but it seems this might just be a role-playing game with the two.

That is when they start to slightly argue. She wants her character to have a backstory so they decide to start over and she says she will be more primal in the redo.

She then comes in and acts like a ridiculous cat, crawling towards the man on the bed. When she starts to meow, he tells her not to do that because it takes him out of it. She then tells him that it is his turn.

He then comes in wearing a bra and panties and she is recording it now. She asks if he plays guitar and he said that he does. She calls him innocent and this is getting really strange.

He pulls off the bra, pulls his shoulder muscle and then starts to play the guitar and starts singing lyrics saying they should “screw” and she said they should “make a baby.”

After that, the two introduce themselves in a selfie video where they are talking to what they hope will be their future baby. They then explain to the possible future baby how babies are formed. They are so weird and awkward as they explain where babies come from — Heaven or sperm.

The video then is on them so they can shoot the video of the conception. She decides they shouldn’t make a porn. She wants to turn off the video because she has a boundary and he crossed it.

He wins apparently because they shoot it anyway and she explains how she wants them to finish to ensure that they get pregnant but then she sees he is filming and she gets mad.

He throws down the camera and then walks around the room still trying. He said that he felt that they should film everything like Richard Linklater did with Boyhood but take it further — to which she responds that Linklater was an “actual artist.”

She is then talking to the camera and said that she will give in to this idea of filming everything and they will make the baby on video. Sadly, it slipped out and screwed up the entire conception and they will have to try again later.

She accused him of pulling out, which messed everything up. Then, she decides to film him and asks if he even wants to have kids. He doesn’t answer and goes in to take a shower.

Now, she won’t turn off the video camera, turning the tables on him. She asks him again if he wants kids and he won’t answer, always changing the subject. She then stands up and tells him that she will get pregnant anyway by pushing it into herself.

The man tries to stop her and tells her to “flush it out” or the baby will be born deformed.

The two then start to argue and she tries to get him to admit that he doesn’t want to have kids. She gets dressed and calls him a coward. She tells him that she is leaving because she doesn’t want to be around him or talk to him.

He tells the camera that the baby’s future mom gets this way when she doesn’t get what she wants. She starts to pack and he tells the baby that this is how the unborn baby’s mom really is. She then tells the camera that she has backup plans and is ready to leave him.

She even says that she could become a lesbian and raise her kids on a farm with goats — kids with kids (get it?). He calls her crazy and she said that he is ruining her chance to have kids while she can and that he is manipulative.

He asks if he got it all out of her system and she said that she just wants to have kids. He said there are other rooms and other days and she said she has already waited through the other days.

He starts to play the guitar and tries to convince her to stay and said they can try again. He drops to his knees and begs. She tells him to leave her alone and said that she loved him but also hates him.

She leaves Room 104. The man walks around the room and then sits on the bed, the camera still recording. He is crying and then she returns and wants her phone. He is crying and said he is sorry but he is not ready, although he wants to me.

He said that he knows she is excited and he wants to be excited but he wants to be a good father and is afraid he will lose her and he just isn’t ready. Now she is crying too.

She said she feels really alone and she wants to do it but not by herself. She doesn’t want to have any kid — she wants to have his kid.

The two fall onto the bed and start kissing. The two then have sec again and this time they actually finish it off — apparently finally conceiving the baby.

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The idea was interesting and the best way to describe this was as an indie short film. It might have worked at a film festival but it really fell short from the Room 104 episodes that came before it. This wasn’t terrible but it was hard to really get behind either character and it seemed a little too precious.