Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 5 recap: Chapter 5: Madness


The most recent episode of Tell Me A Story channels the classic fairytales like it never has before–and it’s frightening.

Tell Me A Story finally kicked it up a notch in it’s most recent episode, “Madness”. All the big bad wolves came out to play, and for all those wondering when the fairytales were going to become relevant–it finally happened!

Jordan has essentially lost it and on his path to avenge Beth’s death, he’s dove off the deep end–and is unlikely to make a return. Worse yet, he’s having Beth hallucinations where she talks to him and yells at him for his behavior. One would think he learned his lesson after Eddie beat the crap out of him, but nah, not really.

We get a very unique juxtaposition of bad guy vs. good guy in Tell Me A Story. Eddie is responsible for a murder, yet he is so frazzled and guilt-ridden by his actions. Meanwhile, Jordan is trading spots with him and walking a very fine line between moral and immoral. Since it’s all happened, Eddie can’t stop saying that he didn’t mean for anyone to die.

If we’re being honest, we’re starting to feel bad for the guy, minus the whole murder and robbery thing. What makes it all worse is that Eddie has been trying to tell his brother, Mitch that Jordan has been stalking him. And finally, Mitch realizes he’s been telling the truth this whole time.

Jordan paid a couple kids to startle Mitch and then proceeded to stand outside his home to make sure Eddie got a quick glimpse of him. I’m not sure what’s worse, Jordan losing it over his wife’s death or the fact that it didn’t take him so long to channel the stalker/murderer side inside of him.

Everything in the episode leads to Jordan throwing an actual pig’s head through the window, with a phone inside of it. It’s safe to say he’s totally lost it, and it’s gotten to the point that he’s conjured up Beth as a means to stop him. Will he be able to? I’m not sure, but it’s not looking too great.

This takes us to Gabe and Hannah. In the previous episode, Gabe surprised Hannah but taking them to their parent’s house, or rather their mom and stepfather’s house. Hannah is not pleased in the least bit, and there is some palpable tension between mother and daughter.

Long story short, Hannah’s mother abandoned their father and never looked back, not even when he was dying of cancer. Hannah holds many grudges against her as a result, and it doesn’t help that she lives a cozy, luxurious life while she and Gabe are struggling to make ends meet.

However, when we finally meet their mother and stepfather, they seem more than accommodating. In fact, their mother seems to want to make up for lost time. Gabe is more open to the idea while Hannah is absolutely repulsed by the idea of it. I think there is more to their mother’s story than we know, and Hannah needs to chill out and hear her mother out!

The craziest part of this episode of Tell Me A Story came in the form of Kayla and Nick’s relationship. Trust me, it gets crazy, and it makes me wonder where all these people are coming from and why they’re so brutal. If you recall, Ethan sent Nick a threatening text message with a picture of Nick and Kayla kissing.

Naturally, Nick is freaking out and Ethan is basking in the glory of his power. Well, at least until Nick brutally murders him. Yes, Nick murders Ethan. Again, I’m frazzled by why some of these characters are the total opposite of who we think they are.

Like why does Nick know how to dispose of a body? And how does he do it so quickly? Of course, Kayla has no idea that this is all going down because she’s busy arguing with her father. We finally learn the reason for their strained relationship has to do with an affair he was having. Kayla blames him for her mother’s death because the night she found out about the affair, her mother left home and died in a car accident.

Now it makes sense why Kayla is such a colossal brat. I mean, the guy did not do a good thing, and the car accident wasn’t his fault, but it was all perpetrated by his affair. Colleen and she go to have dinner at the hotel, and it goes quite horribly. She sees her dad with the hotel manager, and it reminds her of his past indiscretions.

And while her father wasn’t actually dating the woman then, he ends up asking her out later. So, there’s that. But hey, Kayla has Nick to release all her frustrations with, right? Well, at that moment, he had just come home from brutally murdering Ethan, so homeboy was covered in blood.

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I’m not sure why he let her into the apartment that way, but he did and then rushed off to take a shower aka clean off all the blood. And just as most of the blood was off of him, he turns around to see Kayla standing there naked. How did she not see the rest of the blood going down the drain? Little Red Riding Hood is hooking up with the Big Bad Wolf–and she has no idea.

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