Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 4 recap: Chapter 4: Rage


Rage is the name of the game in the most recent episode of Tell Me A Story.

Tell Me A Story is struggling to tell us the dark fairytale story we were promised, but it is trying to get there. Each character is struggling with their own demons and secrets, and the tension is beginning to boil over. The episode opens to Kayla and Nick in bed together (::facepalm::) and it appears they intend to keep this thing going.

Nick had a pretty extreme change of heart which makes me suspicious about his intentions. And what makes those suspicions worse is Ethan’s lurking presence. Something about these two guys feels a bit too original Scream to me. I’m pretty sure they’re working together to blackmail and trap Kayla. But hey, that’s just me typing out loud.

Since it is morning, Kayla realizes she’s been out all night and had promised her grandmother she’d be home hours ago. As she rushes home, Kayla tells Nick she’s not about the whole damsel in distress scenario and can fend for herself.

Back at home, Colleen is doing her best to cover for Kayla. Her father has no idea that Kayla’s been gone all night, and Colleen is starting to panic because she hasn’t heard back from her at all. It’s safe to say that Kayla is a damsel in distress when it comes to her grandmother’s fury and rage.

Colleen is infuriated when Kayla gets home and will have no more of her excuses. We can’t really blame her either because Kayla is a pain in the ass, and she’s ignoring the good things in her life. Wake up and smell the coffee, girl!

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While in class with her teacher bae, Kayla and Nick have a debate over Wuthering Heights. Their googly eyes and horny intentions are so extremely obvious and reminiscent of Ezra and Aria in Pretty Little Liars. Keeping a close eye on them is creepy ‘ol Ethan, and after school, he follows Kayla.

After he tried to force himself on her, Kayla has been trying to keep a distance, but he is relentless. When he finally catches up with her, he apologizes for his behavior and says he didn’t tell anyone about her and Nick.

To show that he truly wants to be friends, Ethan draws an imaginary friend zone line around him and asks her to join him so he can prove it.

Tell Me A Story introduced me to something I had no idea existed–a rage room. That is where Ethan takes Kayla to essentially grab a bat and break everything in sight. It sounds therapeutic if you’re asking me. While Kayla is letting out her rage, Nick shows up randomly and warns her about Ethan. Again, anyone else getting Scream vibes?

Apparently, Nick found out that Ethan has a criminal record and some charges regarding a deadly weapon. Unbeknownst to them, Ethan is watching them talk from a distance and even sees them kiss goodbye. The rage room ends up being a success, but then Ethan decides to be creepy again. Ugh, he’s the worst.

He asks to come in and use the restroom in her house and then tries to force himself on her again. Luckily, Colleen shows up and kicks him out of the house in time. She wants to call the cops but Kayla doesn’t want them involved considering the mess it would create.

But the mess has already begun because Nick receives a text from an unknown number containing a picture of him and Kayla kissing. Seriously, Ethan, what gives?

On the Gabe and Hannah side of things, it’s not any better. Hannah still has the money she stole but it almost cost her life. But that’s not a matter of concern because she has the money and now the two of them can get the hell out of Dodge. This isn’t very reassuring for Gabe who isn’t over seeing Billy’s dead body in the bathtub.

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He doesn’t want anything to do with the money and is pretty certain they’ll be caught. Gabe wants to visit a man in Virginia, but Hannah insists they go to North Carolina instead. Their runaway drive isn’t very pleasant as they bicker for being abandoned by one another.

Eventually, they come to good terms as Hannah opens up about her time at war, and assures him that she never meant to leave him. The good vibe isn’t meant to last long because while Hannah is sleeping, Gabe ends up driving to Virginia–to their parents’ house.

This recap of Tell Me A Story is nothing without touching on Eddie and Jordan’s story. If you recall, Eddie broke into Jordan’s trailer and stole the pig mask. Now, he has the pig mask and is eager to take it to the police station. However, he went about it all wrong and illegally and it essentially proves nothing–especially since Eddie’s alibi checks out.

Eddie eventually realizes the pig mask has gone missing, and his paranoia increases ten-fold. And it should, considering Jordan shows up at the club later that night to watch Eddie. Jordan takes it to the next level and pays the DJ to play a specific song that will catch Eddie’s attention and then taunts him by standing in the middle of the crowd.

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In the madness, Jordan corners Eddie’s girlfriend and tries to get her to confess that she is covering for Eddie. She promises to tell him everything later, but of course, anyone could have seen this was just a setup. As he approaches the girlfriend, Eddie jumps out and attacks Jordan in the alleyway.

There is a very jarring moment as Eddie is beating up Jordan in which he keeps repeating that no one was supposed to die. It’s hard to sympathize with Eddie, but yet Paul Wesley delivers such a genuine performance. We can’t help but feel bad for Eddie’s misfortune.