The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2, episode 2 recap: Mid-way to mid-town


Midge gets her first big gig, much to the dismay of her male counterparts on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Midge is moving on up on Episode 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Well, not all the way up – just about halfway.

Susie is “hiding out” at the Weissmans’ apartment while they live it up in ol’ Paris. Sometimes I think Susie lived under a rock her whole life, as she rummages through the drawers, listening to records, and measuring her thighs. Basically, she’s living a day like Midge.

Imogen discovers a high Susie in the bathtub, and she’s appalled, and Midge’s choice of friends and feels left out of her life. She’s not the only one though. Midge still hasn’t told her parents about her double-life and struggles with it. It’s like hiding a boyfriend your parents won’t like.

To nudge her along, Susie is giving interviews at the Village Voice to promote our girl. Midge is worried that this press will out her but doesn’t she want to be outed? Doesn’t she want to be famous and rich? Doesn’t she want to perform with Bing for God’s sake?

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But I think she’s afraid of losing her cushy life at her parents’. It gives her a level of security she hasn’t had since leaving Joel. And even when Joel tries to give her an apartment so she can move on her own, which I saw as being incredibly supportive and sexist like she dies, she rejects it. She’s just not ready to merge her lives yet. So, no merging for Midge. I’m sure that’s what this whole season will focus on though.

Susie gets Midge a paying gig mid-way to mid-town (get it?) which is somewhere around 15th Street. After getting bumped several times, ruins her dress by a hot dog mishap, and hazed by the men that went on before her, she’s at her breaking point.

As she takes the stage, dark because the spotlight guy left for the night, she roasts the guys that took the stage before her. Of course, they can’t handle it because it’s 1950-something and their precious egos are bigger than their…nevermind.

I hope there is more of THIS and exactly THIS during the remainder of the season.

Abe and Rose and their Parisian life
When we get to see Abe and Rose sans Midge, it’s charming. They’re absolutely living their best lives in Paris. They’re rekindling their romance; they’re relearning who they are as people and as a couple. And they’re having a grand time.

But Abe is the first to pop the bubble when Rose wants to buy an apartment there. Their lives are in New York, and they can’t stay forever.

When they head back, it looks as if life is going to be exactly how it was, until Abe tells Rose how he pulled some strings at Columbia for Rose to audit art history classes. He also signed them up for dance lessons to improve their technique. Adorable!

Trying to take some control over his life, Joel decides to buy Midge and the kids a new apartment, and she’s not interested.

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He also pays a visit to his father’s factory and finds it in complete disarray. There are machines malfunctioning, some workers not working enough, dressmakers working too much, and the books are an absolute disaster. He asks his father to “hire” him to straighten the place out, much to his father’s reluctance.

I have a feeling Joel finally found his niche. He’s a good guy who makes bad decisions sometimes. But at least he’s trying to make something of his life. And I think Midge inspired him to do that.

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