The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2, episode 3 Recap: The Punishment Room


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel begins to slow down, is it the beginning of the sophomore slump?

I did not enjoy the third episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I hated typing that sentence. But it was terrible, in my opinion. It was all over the place, and I lost interest jerking my mind around to what was happening. “The Punishment Room” was like sitting in a punishment room being tortured. For the record, I’m a lifelong Catholic, and I have never seen or heard of a punishment room.

I also want to be offended by the way they portrayed Catholics in the episode, but then again, they do poke fun at other religions on the show as well, so I’ll let it slide. Some shows are much worse.

I just know this show is better than this episode. The storyline didn’t move forward, and it contained one of the most cringe-worthy scenes I’ve ever seen.

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Midge volunteers (more like butts in) to help her B. Altman friend Mary (Erin Darke) plan her wedding. She gets them upgraded from the Punishment Room to the Window Room for the reception and then convinces Father O’Brien to reuse flowers from a funeral.

During the reception, after a heartfelt speech from her father, Mary thanks Midge for helping with the wedding. That’s when she assumes that’s her cue to try some stand-up material in front of a room of Mary’s and her husband’s closest family and friends. She not only manages to offend everyone in the place by talking about sex but she also unknowingly lets the cat (or baby) out of the bag about it being a “shotgun wedding.”

They only knew each other for three months, so it kind of makes sense. But still. It was just horrific to watch.

The only scene I liked was the montage of Midge telling three different jokes on three different nights. It was brilliantly weaved into one long joke that just showed the progress she’s making in the stand-up profession.

Her personal life, however, is still a bit of a mess. She may be an adult and have kids. But she’s far from mature. And that’s proven by her antics at the wedding. Emotionally and socially, she’s still learning. It makes sense she’s this way, though. Her mom talked about it when she was convincing her classmates to find other majors.

Midge went to college to find a husband. She became a person she thought a husband would want her to be. She doesn’t know who she is or how to be because she’s got the maturity level of a teenager. She’s a good person deep down and most certainly didn’t deserve the hand she was dealt (getting cheated on).

But I think as she dives deeper in the world of comedy, she will mature much faster than she would have she not stumbled upon it late one night.

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Elsewhere, Joel gets a loan to buy the building his father’s factory is in and decides he’ll live on top of it. There were also a few funny scenes where his mother refers to her treasure maps where she’s hidden money, including at the Weissmans’ apartment.

I know it’s early, so this season still has a chance to turn around. We’ll see in episode 4!

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