The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2, episode 4 recap: We’re going to the Catskills


This ain’t your average summer vacation. While the adults drink tomato juice and play games, the kids are… nowhere to be found on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

As promised by the teaser released last summer, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel gang goes to the Catskills.

My first thought when the Weissmans, Midge, and her kids (yes, they still exist) show up to the New York mountain resort, was that it eerily reminded me of Dirty Dancing. Only the Maisel crew made sure the clothes were reflective of the time and not lazily thrown together from pieces of the ‘80s.

I grew up going to shore, so the idea of spending a summer in the mountains is foreign to me. But the Catskills is everything I’ve ever dreamed of when I think of it – corny jokes, people willingly participating in games and activities, theme nights, and food and alcohol available at any time, day or night. I can see how Midge just up and leaves New York and her budding comedic career to do the Bunny Hop in the Great Hall for two months.

I’m kidding. Sarcasm is lost in text.

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Susie’s understandably pissed that Midge up and leaves and doesn’t really consult her. Did Midge not hear her when she said she was broke? Thank God, Susie is resourceful and shows up at the resort with a plunger to pretend she works there. And much to our amusement, no one notices.

Susie isn’t the only one throwing shade Midge’s way. The entire resort is gossiping and side-eying the newly single Midge. And when Joel shows up “to be with his kids,” it only adds fuel to the fire.

I think more than anything, Joel regrets not only betraying Midge the way he did but also closing the door on them entirely when she called from Paris. I really wanted them to work out – that is until the show introduced Dr. Benjamin.

In the beauty salon, yes there is a beauty salon in the Catskills, Rose overhears a woman talking about her handsome, picky, doctor son. He wants a weird girl, and Rose’s daughter happens to be weird!

So, Rose goes on and on about Dr. Benjamin (the adorable Zachery Levi) until finally, Midge finds him and forces him to go on a pretend, very public boating date with her. The “date” is a disaster, with Midge bossing him around and Benjamin not playing along. It’s clear they don’t like each other, so of course, I want them to get together.

At the end of the episode, Benjamin and Joel meet on a porch, watching the fireworks. Joel becomes reflective, asking this total stranger if he believes people can ever really be forgiven. Benjamin says, but you still did what you did. Did Benjamin unknowingly push Joel and Midge further apart?

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I thought this episode, while not in New York, was much more on pace with the charm and comedic timing of the whole first season. It feels like it’s back in its natural rhythm.

I’ll end with easily the funniest part of the episode: Abe in a “romper” doing calisthenics on a dock. Look it up! It’s gold.

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