The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2, episode 9 recap: Vote for Kennedy, Vote for Kennedy


Mrs. Maisel makes her television debut, that’s if it doesn’t get derailed by an old foe first on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

This episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is hands down my favorite episode since the pilot.

Susie secures Midge a spot on an arthritis telethon through her connections at the Stage Deli. The scene is perfectly orchestrated and just shows off what Amy Sherman-Palladino does best, a lot of words, scene editing, and comedy packed into a few minutes.

The telethon is no Jerry Lewis one, but Midge sees it as an opportunity for her family to see her perform sans foul language. They don’t seem excited for her, but in true Midge fashion, she brushes it off and focuses on the task at hand.

Midge ends up with a decent timeslot. That is until they find out Sophie Lennon (Jane Lynch) is due to perform. She is the national spokesperson for arthritis after all. Sophie then begins messing with Midge. First, she has her bumped to the very last slot (11:55 PM) and then paid the cameraman off to cut Midge out of the shot of the panels answering phones.

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Why is she doing this? Remember, Midge talked smack on Sophie in the press; therefore, Sophie made it her personal mission to take her down.

Susie freaks out and confronts Sophie Lennon in her dressing room. And this isn’t just a simple threat; this is an all-out verbal assault on the washed-up comedienne. It just shows how much Susie cares about Midge and believes in her. She really is the best manager.

Sophie sits calmly, taking it all in. Why doesn’t she call her bodyguard? What’s her play here? We won’t find out before the hour is over.

As Midge prepares for her sucky time slot in the bathroom, singer Shy Baldwin (LeRoy McClain) comes out of one of the stalls. Thank God he ended up in the wrong bathroom because Midge got to bond with him as he primps in the mirror. This run-in will mean so much, you’ll see.

With nothing to lose, and figuring no one was watching, Midge went on to perform her stand-up routine and ABSOLUTELY KILLED. She was funny, charming, and livened up the joint when people were half asleep or half in the bag.

The best part? People were watching. A lot of people were watching. But I couldn’t help but feel delighted for her when her parents could hear their neighbors watching Midge and laughing. Maybe they finally realized that their daughter is the real deal and they would be proud of her.

By the show’s end, as Midge and Susie are about to celebrate the night, Susie tells Midge about her confrontation with Sophie, and she’s pretty pissed. She thinks Susie made the situation worse and just wanted to ignore her. So, trouble in paradise for our favorite lady duo? I hope not.

There’s definitely trouble for Abe at Bell Labs. Apparently, they found out that Midge mentioned her father working there and now they are “investigating” him and his family. Not only that, Columbia is sick of Abe and his antics and wants him to take a sabbatical.

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In Midge and Benjamin news, their relationship seems to be going well. Although, she is not ready for him to meet her kids yet. So, when he shows up unannounced when she took Ethan to the park, she made sure to tell him so.

And one last thing to note, Joel’s father wants him out of his business. He gives him a $60,000 check so that he can start a new life. What will he do?

We’ll find out with the season finale next!

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