Dogs of Berlin season 1, episode 3 recap: Clash


As the Germany team plays under stress, Kareem makes a desperate power grab trying to go into business with Kovac. Meanwhile, Erol entraps Murad into informing on Tarik-Amir on Dogs of Berlin.

Grimmer is pleased with the results of his sabotage as the Germany team brings a weak and distracted game against Turkey. However, the match is far from settled on the Dogs of Berlin. Kareem Tarik-Amir (Kais Setti), Hakim’s little brother and second in command, also has a stake in the game as he tries to prove himself and break free of his brother’s shadow.

He wants to form an alliance with Kovac, who is in charge of the betting racket in Berlin. Kareem claims that he can get to any player and fix any match. Kovac is skeptical though and Kareem’s desperation makes him reckless. He bets his middle fingers that Turkey will win the game, claiming that he’s fixed it that way. Of course, the only player he actually had in his pocket was Erdem.

Hakim tells Kareem that he can help him with whatever he needs, but only if he tells him the truth about what’s wrong and asks for help. Kareem, too proud and too ambitious, says that everything is fine. Hakim lets him make his bet but says that he must make it alone.

When Germany puts Bou’Penga (Tyron Ricketts) in the game, he scores for Germany and things start to pick up. Kareem sends his thugs to threaten Bou’Penga, but the locker room is guarded by armed security. His thugs just get a snack instead and tell Kareem they got to him when they return. Turkey scores again, but Germany gets a penalty kick before the end of the game. Bou’Penga takes the kick and misses. Turkey wins by complete coincidence but puts Kareem in business with Kovac.

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Meanwhile Grimmer sets up Kovac to come under suspicion for Erdem’s murder – which he may or may not be responsible for but is convenient for Grimmer to keep him under watch. But Grimmer’s plans are complicated when he learns he needs to share leadership of the case with another officer. When he meets Erol, Grimmer is really rude about him being gay, obviously to dissuade him from taking the case. Erol isn’t interested anyway, he’s dedicated to taking Tarik-Amir down. But when he sees Kovac shaking hands with Kareem and learns that Kovac is a suspect in the Erdem murder, he thinks the task force might be a way to bring them all down and takes the case.

Back in Marzhan, the Brotherhood watches the match. Ulf (Sebastian Zimmler), Grimmer’s neo-Nazi brother, is secretly rooting for Turkey. If Grimmer wins his bet, the Brotherhood gets the money back and he can avoid punishment for giving the money to Grimmer in the first place. When Germany finally does score a goal, the Brotherhood can’t even be happy about it because the player who scored is black.

Grimmer is really a slimy jerk about all his sketchy plans and dealings. He might not be a neo-Nazi, but he’s definitely crooked. To his credit, his family, and especially his kids, are his greatest priority. Despite the importance of the match, when he gets the call that Bine was in an accident, he drops everything to take care of her.

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She’s a little scratched up, but otherwise okay. He promises that he’ll help her get through these hard times. When Paula calls, it’s clear that she doesn’t know about Grimmer’s affair. When Bine asks Grimmer to leave her, he tells her he’s never going to do that and never to ask again.

When Grimmer learns that Erol is his new partner, he calls Hans (Antonio Wannek) and they go together with some other guys in disguise and beat him up, warning him to stay away from the Erdem case.