Dogs of Berlin season 1, episode 2 recap: Team


Grimmer races to ensure his bet while everyone else actually works on the case on this episode of Dogs of Berlin.

Grimmer’s neo-nazi ties have the Chief of Police demanding they find a Turkish officer to co-lead the investigation on Dogs of Berlin. Since homicide doesn’t have any Turkish officers, they turn to Erol, who is being cross-examined after the botched Tarik-Amir raid. He’s not interested in being the token Turk on the task force and is only focused on bringing Tarik-Amir to justice. He spends his time pursuing Murad as an informant. He takes Murad and his sister to the match when she expresses concern to him about Murad’s friendship with Raif Tarik-Amir (Samy Abdel Fattah), Hakim and Kareem’s cousin.

As Grimmer deals with financial strain at home, the dog he brought to his family throws up Orkan Erdem’s missing finger – the dog was his. The new “Red Card” task force comes together where Grimmer reveals to everyone that Orkan Erdem has been murdered. One witness saw four young Arabs leaving the scene, followed shortly by two cars, one probably Erdem’s Lamborghini. All angles are being investigated, including racial motives, football hooligans, simple robbery, and mob ties.

In the midst of these discussions, Grimmer discovers that Erdem maybe wouldn’t have played in the match anyway because of the political situation and that Germany is the stronger team even without him. This puts Grimmer in a panic, trying to think of ways to ensure his bet. He manages to get an all-access pass to the stadium on game night but has trouble arriving before the kick off because he’s being pursued by Tomo Kovac (Misel Maticevic)  for his gambling debts. He eventually eludes the gang and arrives just in time to tell the Germany team that their team member is dead, completely throwing off their game. What a devious jerk.

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Wachtmeister continues to have doubts about Grimmer and meets with detective Fucht (Constantin von Jascheroff) from fifth division and arranges to inform on Grimmer. They suspect that he is still involved with the neo-nazi Marzahn Brotherhood and covering up their involvement in Erdem’s murder.

Grimmer’s wife Paula (Katharina Schüttler), who owns an interior design shop, has to fire a young woman, Nike (Jasna Fritzi Bauer), who has been stealing from her. She is already on parole and the transgression will send her back to prison. However, it all goes terribly wrong when Nike beats her up and urinates on her.

The shaken Paula retreats into the bathroom, drinks a bottle of vodka with some pills and forgets to pick up her kids from school. Instead, Grimmer’s neo-nazi mother, Eva (Katrin Saß), picks them up and takes them to the Marzahn Brotherhood. The kind of vicious racism displayed by Eva is physically sickening to watch, but to see Grimmer’s kids stand up to her behavior is so wonderful. It at least lets you know what kind of father Grimmer is, regardless of his family ties and other shortcomings. Paula eventually comes to get her children and tells Eva never to contact them again.

Meanwhile, Bine is struggling to be a responsible parent. Her phone sex job isn’t paying the bills and she misses her social services appointment because she simply loses track of time and her car runs out of gas. She waits for hours at the office only to have her support cut off completely. In an act of desperation, she waits for the social worker in the parking lot and ends up jumping in front of her car. The social worker calls for help, Bine’s condition unknown.

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Grimmer apparently has a closing rate that’s through the roof but based on his other priorities and all the messing around he’s doing I can’t see how he ever gets anything done. Perhaps this is a special case, but he certainly has plenty of personal problems he seems always to be dealing with.

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