Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 6 recap: Chapter 6: Guilt


Tell Me A Story is getting complicated as each character falls further down the rabbit hole of desperation.

Tell Me A Story is gearing up to be a pretty epic show. It started off a bit slow and not horrifying at all, but now, things are changing–and fast. Each character is facing a dilemma that is seemingly impossible to get out of, and we wonder what will become of them as the season comes to a close.

And finally, there are some distinguishable comparisons between the fairy tale stories that were the marketing team’s primary focus and the show’s plot. You can see how Kayla is Little Red Riding Hood and how Nick is the Big Bad Wolf. Or the whole “Three Little Pigs” storyline with Jordan and Eddie. And even the Hansel and Gretel situation for Hannah and Gabe.

Ever since Beth died, Jordan has been on a path of revenge. He’s resorted to stalking, torturing, and throwing whatever he’s got at Eddie and Mitch. In last week’s episode, he went as far as throwing an actual pig’s head right at them. So, yes he’s pissed, and he’s not going to stop until he’s done all he can.

In this episode of Tell Me A Story, Jordan starts learning how to use the gun he went out and bought. He heads to YouTube for a tutorial and ends up shooting right into his refrigerator. Not going as he planned, but at this point, he doesn’t really seem to care.

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Back at Kayla’s, her dad decides to approach Colleen about the affair Kayla thinks he had. There is more story to uncover here, but we haven’t quite gotten it yet. For the sake of the story, it better be darn good. But it doesn’t matter what he says to Colleen, it’s Kayla that needs to be talked to.

Unfortunately, Kayla has a laundry list of her own very scary issues in the form of Nick.

Unbeknownst to her, Nick has essentially lost it and become obsessed with her. He’s gone from zero to 60 real fast, and whereas before he was running from the situation, now he’s all about it.

He’s even committed murder for Kayla’s sake and in this episode, he goes as far as telling her he loves her. Naturally, Kayla is not very responsive to this abrupt comment. She rushes off to make up with Colleen whom she had promised that she would open the store. But her day out with Nick made her lose track of time.

Tell Me A Story really went all in with the drama in this episode which continues with Gabe and Hannah. It seems like Hannah was finally warming up to their mother just as they were heading out for Puerto Rico. Of course, things went from okay to horrible when the authorities showed up looking for them.

Instead of protecting Gabe and Hannah, their mother ratted them out and turned them over. Looks like Gabe is finally starting to understand what Hannah has been trying to say this entire time. Should have taken the money and ran, Gabe!

Eddie and Mitch are pretty freaked out by Jordan’s last attack, so Mitch gives Eddie money to get out of town. But Mitch’s wifey is not very happy to learn that he has given all their savings to his little brother. To make matters worse, Sam is being really weird about the money he owes Mitch and Eddie. This is problematic for Mitch who is banking on that money to make up for what he’s given Eddie.

In Big Bad Wolf land, Kayla confronts Nick after their awkward encounter. She doesn’t think this will work out, and it’s starting to affect her home life. If she thinks the wolf is going to go away so easily–she has forgotten about all the huffing and puffing that will surely ensue.

Just as you think that all the emotional turmoil has subsided in Tell Me A Story, Eddie and his girlfriend die. While Jordan isn’t the one to do it, he’s the one to make it all happen. Freaked out by Jordan, Eddie ends up shooting at the front door where he thinks Eddie is. He opens it to see he has shot his girlfriend dead and then proceeds to kill himself too. Ugh.

Speaking of feeling ugh, Nick continues to enhance his creep status. He does so by planning a “surprise” run-in with Kayla’s father. He’s obviously trying to work his way in, and it’s absolutely frightening. Even more frightening? Hannah and Gabe weren’t taken away by the police. The men that have taken them are associated with whoever they took the money from.

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In an attempt to escape, Hannah finds a way to choke out the driver. This only results in them getting into a car accident and ending up on the side of the road. Oh, Tell Me A Story, you’re killing us!

How will Jordan cope after Eddie’s death? Will Kayla escape the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf? And will Gabe and Hannah survive? Ahhh, so many questions! Hopefully, we get some answers later this week!

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