Dogs of Berlin season 1, episode 5 recap: Foul Play


On the fifth episode of Dogs of Berlin, Grimmer balances family responsibilities with police work and gambling debts. Erol has suspicions about Grimmer but must balance that with investigating Erdem’s death.

Back at home, someone throws a rock through Grimmer’s window. Kovac calls and threatens his family unless he pays him within the hour. In the middle of his desperate attempts to raise the money, he gets an emergency call from Bine’s son’s school asking him to pick Thor up.

He came to school dirty, barefooted, and still in pajamas and they can’t reach Bine. Reluctantly, he takes the time to pick him up, take him home, and take care of him and baby Erik while Bine sleeps off her hangover from the night before.

This neglect of her children is the last straw for Grimmer, telling her she needs to get her act together and that the best way he can help her is by leaving. She dumps out all her liquor, seemingly dedicated to turning her life around.

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News of Erdem’s death complicates Kareem’s match-fixing plans, especially since he’s the only player Kareem actually owned. Thinking that he owns Bou’Penga also, his security guys have to come clean about how they never actually talked to him and that his missed kick was a simple coincidence.

Kovac wants definite proof of Bou’Penga’s cooperation by having him get a red card during his next match, so Kareem has to take fast steps to recruit him. He arrives at Bou’Penga’s house and blackmails him with sex photos of him and an underage girl. One assumes that Kareem got these from Schmaus.

Erol is approached by a journalist interested in Grimmer’s dark past and shady dealings. He gives Erol his card and asks him to consider calling him if he notices anything suspicious.

Meanwhile, Erol is interested in talking to Lukas Schmaus about Erdem’s death since he’s the last person he called before the murder. He also finds a positive connection between Erdem and Kareem when Erdem’s sister admits that she gave Kareem his number.

Trinity Sommer, the specialist from the German Football Association, talks to Schmaus before the police arrive to dispose of evidence against the players. She tells Schmaus to talk to Grimmer, who has come to see him, but he takes off instead.

Murad comes to the task force to tell Erol that he saw Späti’s (Grimmer’s bookie) killers. They match the description of some of Kovac’s men, which gives the task force probable cause to raid Kovac’s betting shops.

With Hans’ help, Grimmer is able to take some money from one of the raids unobserved – except Erol does happen to show up just in time to witness the theft. Grimmer pays Kovac off with his own money, but without consulting Hans or his other partners, and not without Erol watching him.

Meanwhile, Erol doesn’t quite believe Murad’s story. He takes him and Maissa to stay with his sister for safekeeping. Maissa goes out with Raif and comes to the conclusion that he’s an okay guy. Later, Murad sneaks out to meet Raif.

Paula struggles with trauma from her attack. A handsome stranger, a collector for the local protection mafia, brings her flowers and asks her on a date.

She declines, saying she’s married, but he says the offer stands if she changes her mind. She arrives home later to find Ulf and his neo-Nazi gang gathered in front of her house. She calls Grimmer to come home.

We know so far that Kareem has no motive to kill Erdem, since he was instrumental to his match-fixing business. Hakim could still have been involved, perhaps to prevent his brother’s business deal, but he reacted negatively when the news broke and he suspected Kareem’s involvement.

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Schmaus was probably blackmailing Erdem along with Kareem so had nothing to gain by killing him, unless he had decided to expose his operation.

The Marzahn Brotherhood swears it wasn’t any of them and Kovac has no reason to kill an asset that could make him more money. Nothing has become much clearer in the last five episodes, but clues continue to surface.

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