5 cool things about Star Trek: Discovery’s newest trailer

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5 cool things about Star Trek: Discovery’s newest trailer / Image by CBS


One of my favorite things from season one was how much fun Tilly and Stamets had just doing science.

As frustrating and painful as the scientific process sometimes was, there was never a moment you doubted they loved what they were doing, that they found as much joy in the process as they did in the discovery.

To paraphrase them both, science is f—king cool! And there’s plenty of science being done in this trailer, which is made to look about as exciting as any of the action sequences. I love how Discovery continues the mission of Gene Roddenberry not only by placing importance on scientific discovery but by putting joy in it.

Georgiou, Section 31, and the Red Angel

Mirrorverse Georgiou is back and looking devious as ever. She has joined the shady Starfleet organization Section 31, specializing in “covert ops” and “threat assessment.”

Its Section 31’s opinion that the supposed Big Bad, the Red Angel, should be considered dangerous. Michael is clearly suspicious and scared of Georgiou.

And assuming that any adversary in Star Trek is anything as simple as good or bad would be foolish, or that initial impressions are necessarily the correct ones.

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Spock tells of an apocalyptic vision shown to him by the Red Angel, but it could be more of a warning than a threat. And if that’s the case, why would Section 31 want to discredit or misinterpret that warning?


Source: Deadline