Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 18: (Back L-R) Actress Jodie Sweetin, producer Jeff Franklin, actors Candace Cameron Bure, John Brotherton, Dave Coulier, Scott Weinger, Lori Loughlin, Andrea Barber and (front L-R) actors Juan Pablo Di Pace, Bob Saget and John Stamos, winners of the Favorite Premium Comedy Series Award, ‘Fuller House’ pose in the press room during the People’s Choice Awards 2017 at Microsoft Theater on January 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Netflix released the fourth season of Fuller House on Friday, December 14.

I originally started watching Fuller House because the show it was a reboot of the original series, Full House. And if you were born between the years 1970 and 1995, you’ve not only heard of it; you can repeat the entire series line-by-line.

The first episode of Fuller House did not disappoint.

We got lots of throwbacks to the original series. Danny, Jessie, and Joey are back together under the same roof, Jessie sings “Forever,” Nicky and Alex say corny things, Kimmy throws her gross feet on the kitchen table, Steve’s always hungry, and there’s even an appearance by the Rippers!

Plus, there are new faces, like DJ’s three kids, Kimmy’s husband and daughter, and Stephanie’s cleavage.

But the first few seasons didn’t meet my expectations.

I felt that the throwbacks were forced and the corniness off the hook. And if you could believe it, more wholesome than when it was on ABC.

But something changed this season.

The throwbacks were subtler. There was definitely corniness, but not eye-roll-inducing. And there was a healthy dose of wholesome, fun humor. However, there were many more innuendos and friskier content.

I even found myself laughing out loud, multiple times. But it wouldn’t be a Tanner family show without a fair share of “awwww” moments. Of course, I cried.

Maybe it had to do with Steve and how he and DJ FINALLY are together, with no drama and no distractions. Seriously, it’s about damn time. Please don’t screw it up by breaking them up again or canceling the show.

All-in-all, it was a decent season. Here’s a recap of the whole season. SPOILERS AHEAD!