Bad Blood season 1, episode 3 recap: Feast or Famine


In Bad Blood, Vito may be the Don of the Mafia in the outside world, but it’s a whole other story in prison.

Bad Blood presents some obstacles for Vito in prison, as the beginning of episode 3 reveals. He’s cornered by some men who confess they know who he is. They want to provide him protection but Vito isn’t eager to take it on. He doesn’t think he needs it and besides, he feels that his people may have already sought out protection.

It turns out these guys are not messing around and beat Vito to a pulp. Who would have thought that the kingpin of the Montreal drug world would be subjected to such a beating? Despite having arranged security, Vito was not protected. This is concerning for the Mafia because not being able to protect their leader means they can’t protect anyone.

Despite how much trouble Nico has given Declan, he wants to protect him. When meeting with other business partners, Declan defends him on Vito’s behalf. Naturally, no one takes Nico seriously and they want him gone. He goes as far a saying that when talking to him, it’s as if they are talking to Vito. So when he says to excuse Nico, it’s just as if Vito is there saying it.

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Declan pleads to Nico once again informing that Vito does not want his son to be murdered. That leaves it up to Declan to protect him however he can. As expected, Nico doesn’t give a crap about what Declan is doing for him and the business. He just wants to live it up and take charge of the family business.

He informs their men to keep an eye on Nico because that’s their only job besides protecting Vito in prison. Declan doesn’t care what it takes but something has to be done about Nico, come hell or high water. Back at the prison, Vito meets Marlon–the man who is going to protect him from here on out.

Grandpapa Rizutto tries to take a shot at talking Nico down but it doesn’t seem like that work either. There’s a risk with Nico going out so much and getting drunk. Who knows what he’ll say and reveal by accident?

In an effort to bring peace between Nico and Declan, Grandpapa tries to get them to talk. He lays down the law and says Nico has to go back to his family and wife.

Grandpapa is resuming control of the position as boss, and now what he says goes. Declan is a part of their family and will continue to be, and Vito’s love for Nico will always trump everything.

Thankfully, this was enough to get Nico to back off and get back to real estate. This reinstated the peace for the next year or so, and things got back to normal. Everyone was content with how things were operating, and there were absolutely no complaints.

Itching for a night out, Michelle calls Declan hoping he’ll join her. She’s tired of being cooped up in the house missing Vito all the time. No one but Declan knows what she’s going through, and right now she needs a friend. When he gets the chance, he’ll certainly help her out but for now, he’s got some things to handle.

A man reaches out to Declan because a group of kids has been hurting his son. It’s to the point that if he is subjected to more beatings, he’ll end up with permanent brain damage. Once upon a time, Declan promised to take care of this man, and now he is calling in the favor.

And Declan fulfilled it as promised. When the kids try to corner the kid again, Declan shows up threatening them with their lives. He tells them they have to be his protector, or else. Funny how things have a way of working out when you’re in charge.

Nico is still on the straight and narrow in this episode of Bad Blood, and Declan is happy to report that to Vito. Not only that, business is booming and their quest to become legit is showing promise as well. Luckily, Vito’s protection is intact and no one has been messing around with him either. Finally, things are as they should be.

Declan is and has always been a very loyal employee. In fact, he even went to jail for the Rizutto family. He was offered full immunity and refused to take it, no matter how much time he got. He was loyal to Vito and nothing would change. Not surprisingly, Vito expected that response from Declan and promised to do what he could to get him out of jail.

Declan got a 15-year sentence, but thanks to Vito, he was out in four. In the present, the quiet and peace were starting to wither away after the Irish killed three Haitians. It was a small matter, but unfortunately, it got blown out of proportion.

There was no way to maintain peace without someone being punished for what went down. Inspector Aucoin wants someone to arrest, and Declan is demanding the Irish present someone after what they did. Bad Blood is starting to get interesting again.

After all the fuss that Declan made to keep Nico away from everything, he now needs his help with Vito. He wants him to call the prison and insinuate that Vito sounds sick. Per Declan’s instructions, he is then to tell Vito to go and see the prison doctor.

Wondering why this all was going down? It was all in an effort to get Vito out of prison. They were going to fake a cancer diagnosis and went to the greatest lengths to make it a reality. Everything was forged, professionals were paid off, and anything and everything was done to make sure the plan was executed seamlessly.

And it worked. A fake cancer diagnosis secured Vito’s early release, and just like that there was so much to celebrate. But that didn’t mean that Nico should go back to his ways. His father is still in prison and he needs to be on his best behavior until he’s back. But we all know Nico isn’t one to listen, especially not to Declan.

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Things took a horrible turn when a report was released that the construction industry was corrupt. Given the Mafia’s involvement in the industry, they had a lot to lose. Considering the investigation was about to dive 15 years into the past, it wasn’t looking too great for Declan and the gang.

But that’s not all that happens in this episode. After getting back on the path towards redemption, Nico was murdered, shot while out walking his dog. And when the news got back to Vito, you can only imagine the heartbreak that ensued.

To make matters worse, Vito was not given permission to attend Nico’s funeral and couldn’t bid his son farewell. I don’t know about you all, but Bad Blood just pulled me into the drama of its story, and I have a feeling it’s about to get worse.

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