Bad Blood season 1, episode 6 recap: You Can Never Hold Back Spring


The Bad Blood season 1 finale gave us a lot to think about and made us wonder what the future holds for the infamous Rizutto family.

Bad Blood has had an epic first season and introduced us to a whole new drug cartel. But the Rizutto family is unlike any other Mafia family we’ve met. And at every corner, there are traitors and people itching to betray for the sake of money. This doesn’t exclude one of the most trusted men the Rizutto family depends on–Declan.

In the previous episode, we learned that Declan was secretly working with Sal. The man that he has been pointing the finger at all season. Tsk tsk, Declan, not you too! But then the season 1 finale of Bad Blood rolls around, and he flips the table on Sal.

And then there’s the investigation. It appears that while the Mafia has been good about covering their tracks in the construction industry, they haven’t been doing a great job with the snow removal jobs. Putting it simply, they can be charged with collusion.

A man named Marc Desjardins is brought in for questioning but don’t worry, he’s been trained and prepped for it. That is because the Mafia has a mole in the force who is reporting back with every single detail. Before Desjardins is brought, Declan intercepts and briefs him on what he will be asked and how he should answer.

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Declan promises to take care of Marc’s family and even if he has to serve time, it will be less than what is given. Cornered by the Mafia, Marc doesn’t have much of a choice, does he? But, the fact is fact. He used his government job to help the Mafia and now he must face the consequences.

Fast forward to one of the infamous Bad Blood interrogations where Marc is being questioned up the wazoo. Everything is being looked into–his finances, lifestyle.

But the crazy part is that he confesses to taking the money. He details out everything that happened and how it happened. But when asked about Vito, he simply denies ever meeting him.

Do you want to guess whose name he gave? Sal Montagna. Now, it all makes sense. The plot thickens when the next morning, the news of Sal’s death makes headlines. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds. How convenient.

But this isn’t enough to fool the authorities who realize that Sal most likely wasn’t the man behind everything. His name was just given to deflect from the real culprit, and hell or high water. The investigation is not brought to a halt, instead, attention is brought to the corrupt officials and how it runs all the way up.

While planning a getaway with Michelle, Vito gets a phone call that Gio is still alive. Yes, that’s right. The same guy that Declan shot and presumed to be dead. He dragged his wounded self until he could get help, and now it appears Declan’s secret may be out.  Correction: The secret is out.

Then comes the frightening Bad Blood face-to-face conversation we have been anticipating all this time. Suddenly, it dawns on Vito that Declan was behind it all, and he should have followed his gut instinct when it came to Gio and his loyalty. When Vito asks Declan when he was approached he reveals that it was him that approached Sal. Ouch.

But if you look at it from Declan’s perspective, this betrayal doesn’t come as a shocker. Vito did shun him from the family after he couldn’t control his wild son, which is unfair considering how Nico was. Declan even went to jail for the Rizutto family, so he’s just a tad bit hurt that Vito was so quick to drop him.

Flashbacks reveal Declan’s plan and how it unfolded as he plotted with Sal. After being frozen out by Vito, he met up with Sal to convince him to work together. He knows how to get back in with the family which is to stage a shooting (remember him and Bruno at his cabin?). He had Sal’s men shoot at them so it would rattle up Vito’s feelings.

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And then we see how Declan was the one to give up all the drop points and pinpoint Gio as the fake mole. Damn, Declan, you are clever. But the real plot twist comes when it’s insinuated that Vito dies at the hands of Declan poisoning win. Of course, it was never determined whether Vito actually died from poisoning, but the thought of it gives me goosebumps.

With the Rizutto family non-existent, you know who is in charge now? Declan. A flash forward to six months later shows he’s the man in charge now–and ain’t nothing getting in his way. While Bad Blood had its riveting and intriguing moments, it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations I had for it.

I believe that’s because there is a lot more that could have been covered in a different way. It felt very rushed in order to meet a certain ending and we don’t really understand why Declan is so quick to betray the Rizuttos. Sure, he was heartlessly discarded by Vito but it’s a rather sudden change of heart. It makes sense, but just feels rushed. I guess we will wait until season 2 to see how the story continues.

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