Bad Blood season 1, episode 4 recap: Home Is Where the Gun Is


The Rizutto family buries one of their own in this episode of Bad Blood.

Bad Blood was all the feels as the Rizzuto family laid one of their own to rest. It was an emotional rollercoaster for Vito who was not given permission to attend his own son’s funeral. But there is something heartbreaking about this episode of Bad Blood apart from the obvious. Through a series of flashbacks, we learned a bit more about Vito’s childhood.

As a child, Grandpapa Rizutto was very strict and straightforward with Vito. In one of the flashbacks, a young Vito is with his father talking about their tomato garden. It is at this moment that his father passes along some Mafia knowledge.

He is solely responsible for the tomato plants, and if one dies, he will be punished. And if it grows, he’ll be rewarded. The lesson here is that sometimes Vito may do everything right, but the plant may still die. But the responsibility is his, and his alone. And that stands true for his future when he will be in charge. He will have to take the fall, no matter who is at fault.

Despite the lessons, flashbacks, and funeral, there was a lot unfolding in this episode of Bad Blood. The investigation into the Rizuttos is in full force, and one of the leading investigators, Rachel, is tapping into the shady construction contracts.

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She is determined to look into the permits, engineers, and anything else involved in the construction. There must be a pattern–and she will find it. Rachel is baffled by the idea that no one has been caught before this.

Unfortunately, the Rizuttos are untouchable and it would require one of their turning on them to get any testimony.

The plan is to pull up those arrested for fraud/corruption and compare them to the owners of the construction companies. Rachel is certain there will be a link, and it may be the only way to pull people out from the shadows.

With Nico dead, the Rizutto family had a lot to figure out, namely who was behind the murder. All eyes are on Sal Montagna, the leader of the Bonanno family. The theory is that he has joined forces with another group to take down the family and take over their operations.

And while the family was reeling from Nico’s death, Grandpapa Rizutto also met his end. And just like that, the infamous family dwindled down, with Vito’s release on the horizon. Naturally, anyone in cahoots with the Rizutto family is now freaking out because the family business seems to be in danger.

What makes matters worse is Vito is due back home soon, and he’s not exactly coming back to a warm welcome. But when that day arrives, Declan has a rude awakening. After all that has happened, Vito blames Declan for not keeping things in order. As a result, he does not want Declan at the airstrip when his plane lands. Awkward!

And just as quickly as he was arrested, Vito makes his way out of Colorado and back to Montreal. However, the man that went into prison isn’t the one that is coming back. He’s defeated, depressed, and feels he has nothing to return to. He doesn’t even want to go home and opts to hide out in a hotel instead. The hiding got a point that no one knew where to find him–Declan included.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Declan had a place where he would often retreat to. Bruno went to visit him and was surprised to see just how peaceful and quaint the place was. That is until gunshots rang out almost killing Declan and Bruno.

Whatever that went down was enough to get Vito’s attention–and convince him to speak with Declan. Because of the attack on Declan and Bruno, Nico wants them to be a solid family unit. I guess death brings everyone closer, right? All is forgiven, and now it’s on.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues and all eyes are on a man named Hank. He’s been working with the Mafia for quite some time and suddenly he’s ready to talk. He confesses that everyone is on the Mafia’s payroll–down to City Hall. When asked if he had ever met Vito, Hank surprisingly says no. Hmmm, that’s suspicious.

Vito’s partners in crime are getting restless, and instead of making them feel better, he still refuses to show up. There’s also a mole amidst them because multiple busts have occurred over the last few days, so something shady is definitely going on.

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Even Vito’s family is getting annoyed because business is taking a hit and unless he shows up, it won’t end well for any of them. But come on guys, Vito knows better than that. He eventually does make his way out and tips off the paparazzi in the process. He’s back, and he wants everyone to know it.

He attends Bruno’s birthday, but as is the way of Bad Blood, it ends in bloodshed. Declan has officially turned Vito against Bruno and there is no trust left. Vito kills Bruno, and just like that he announces his official return.