Why is Power on Starz? 50 Cent explains the reason they chose that specific cable network


Power has been a huge success on Starz, joining shows like OutlanderAmerican GodsAsh vs. Evil Dead and Counterpart as great reasons to subscribe.

As the fifth season kept things rolling along at an unexpected pace, actor 50 Cent took the time to explain why Power is on Starz over other networks.

50 Cent, who is a rapper first and an actor second, said that the format of the show is similar to that of the rap industry.

Cinema Blend reports that he said that society is changing and it is harder to reach the youth culture with shock value on a regular cable network. According to 50 Cent, there is no way that they can accomplish what they are doing now on a network such as USA or even FX.

50 Cent said that youth culture, music culture and hip-hop have changed. He mentioned how something he wrote a few years ago is tame compared to what is written now — even though he was considered risque back in the day.

He said that it is getting harder to figure out how to reach their audience in today’s culture.

"“The premium cable space with Starz is the place for me because of how graphic our culture is becoming.”"

This is true for a lot of things.

There is no way that the gore and splatstick horror comedy of Ash vs. Evil Dead could have found a home on basic cable. There is no way that a show like Outlander could exist anywhere but on Starz or a network like HBO.

He told Business Insider that each episode of Power is almost like making a small R-rated movie. He credits that all to the premium network the show calls home.

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50 Cent is so happy with how much leeway Starz has allowed Power, he signed on to a new deal a couple of months back to produce even more TV for the premium network — including a number of spin-offs for Power.

One of those is a prequel, which is great news since he character Kana was killed in the fifth season of Power.