DC Universe’s Titans – Ranking the season 1 episodes

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Titans Ep. 101–Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Episode 2: Hawk And Dove

This episode had so much potential but ended up being formulaic and stilted. As an introduction to new characters Hank Hall, aka Hawk (Alan Ritchson), and Dawn Granger, aka Dove (Minka Kelly), the episode fails to garner any sympathy for the characters, nor does it give us their origin stories. Hank and Dawn are given little development and the episode falls into several sexist tropes that the show could have done without.

Instead, in this second outing for Titans, the show pretty much cemented Dick Grayson’s penchant for being an unreliable father figure and a terrible friend. Viewers also questioned the need for introducing characters who weren’t integral to the main plot of the show, while actual Titans members Starfire and Gar were nowhere to be seen.

Episode 1: Titans

The moment we had all been waiting for – the start of the show featuring some of DC’s fan-favorite characters. There are some genuinely creepy moments in the premiere with Rachel’s soul-self emerging, but for the most part, this episode was about a young girl being hunted, and almost trafficked several times.

And while viewers got to see Robin’s extremely cool entrance following by an energetic fight scene, what was with the violence? So unnecessary. And Dick is a terrible detective – Rachel was left in his care and she literally gets kidnapped right from under his nose. Also, that infamous ‘F*** Batman’, had absolutely no gravity in the final version of the scene.

To top it all, Starfire was given two and a half scenes and Gar only cameoed at the end of the episode.