The Punisher: New season 2 bad guy will be an Alt-Right Christian Fundamentalist


The Punisher will be introducing a different kind of villain in season 2.

According to a new article from Collider, Marvel’s The Punisher plans to add another bad guy for Frank Castle to deal with this season. Apparently, Josh Stewart’s (Criminal Minds) character, John Pilgrim, is a member of the Alt-Right movement and a Christian Fundamentalist.

While Marvel has often commented on social issues through their movies, shows, and comics, this is one of the most current subjects to tackle. The Alt-Right movement has long been linked to white nationalism and it seems like racism will be one of the focuses of The Punisher this season.

Stewart commented on his character’s mindset and how we’ll be introduced to him.

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"“On the exterior, [John Pilgrim] is a man who is a Christian Fundamentalist who had a rage, a violent side of him. It’s buried deep. I think where this is all headed, that sort of side of him is going to resurface a bit.”"

Meanwhile, Jon Bernthal teased Pilgrim is really going to push Frank to the edge before the titular hero finally dons his signature vest to fight back.

"“This year, when he puts it on, we figured out a very intelligent, very tactical reason, a very psychologically tactical reason to wear it. It makes a lot of sense.”"

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As for The Punisher, it seems like the show could potentially be setting up a very topical and unique villain. In the past few years, the only show which comes to mind that tried to tackle an Alt-Right antagonist is Cinemax’s critically underrated Banshee. The character, Calvin Bunker, appeared like an average member of society who secretly harbored a massive amount of rage and hatred inside. It seems like Pilgrim will be similar, except he seems like he’ll be much more tactically efficient if he could even stand a chance against Frank Castle.

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Source: Comicbook