Marvel’s Runaways season 2 premiere recap: Gimmie Shelter


The Runaways premiere has the kids struggling to adapt to their new situation.

Season one of Runaways ended with the teenagers officially living up to the title. However, it’s hard to go from wealthy kids with a credit card and Uber account to trying to find something to eat on the streets. While the show was a bit slow at certain parts last season, “Gimmie Shelter” is relatively quick to set up the next nine episodes.

PRIDE is reintroduced first, as the families proudly walk through a pool of press as they make their way towards the police station. Their kids have been found only twenty-four hours after disappearing and the parents couldn’t be happier. Well, everyone except for Frank who shamelessly takes a moment to speak with the press before Leslie drags him away. Unfortunately, the “kids” that were found are cheap knock-offs of our favorite heroes.

We pick up with the real Runaways literally running. This time they’re doing the chasing though since a punk biker stole Chase’s fistigons. Turns out, he fell asleep on watch which led to this guy stealing the gloves as well as all of their cash. With no money and no food, the kids are forced to get creative. They go to a soup kitchen looking for a quick meal, but of course, it’s sponsored through PRIDE. Ultimately, the kids decide to stick around because they’re starving.

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However, the cracks are beginning to show as the team distrusts each other. Namely, Alex who mysteriously disappears and refuses to say where he got the money in the first place. Alex expects some gratitude, Chase thinks he’s a poor leader, and Gert thinks Alex’s jealousy could’ve led to him becoming a mole. Rather than stick around and being dumped on all day, Alex decides to meet up with them later.

It works out since the rest of the kids have a new mission. Graciela, Molly’s guardian, gives a news interview claiming to have proof PRIDE is the real evil. Molly admits she showed Graciela the tape from her parents which puts a huge target on her back. They all agree to warn her, but it’s a little hard without access to Uber or the subway. However, Chase and Karolina stage a fake romantic fight in front of a valet to steal a car.

Meanwhile, PRIDE has joined together to work again. They stop by the PRIDE Foundation to give an endearing speech to the employees before retiring to their office. However, Geoffrey points out it’s a little worrying how talented the women of PRIDE are at lying. They don’t dwell on this though since the Minorus have decked out the office with a command center. Their first goal is to find out what Graciela knows and take care of her.

The Yorkes want to dial back the murder and offer to mind wipe her after getting the video. Tina agrees however she announces both her and Robert will be tagging along. It turns out to be the right call because Graciela attempts to shoot the Yorkes pretty quickly. Rather than mind wiping her after getting the upper hand, Tina chokes her out. So much for less murder.

Molly is understandably devastated when the remaining Runaways arrive. Nico finds the mind wipe serum under the couch, which confirms this was done by their parents. They can’t give her a proper burial because the police are probably on their way. Nico grabs her wallet, while Chase comforts Molly before they all leave.

Alex has better luck with his task for the day. Darius agrees to help him out with his money problems so long as Alex works for it. He also bags a gun with Alex’s fingerprints all over it as a way to prevent the kid from double-crossing him. However, it doesn’t seem like Darius wants any harm to come to Alex. Maybe he sees the best parts of Geoffrey in him, but he does feel like a genuinely decent guy this time around. The labor Alex does to make some money is painting the nursery for Darius and his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Darius’ girlfriend is furious he would bring Alex to the house. In doing so, he’s dragged both her and her sister, Livvy, into this situation. It’s bound to get more complicated on Runaways since Livvy and Alex are immediately taken with each other. Nevertheless, he gets some cash and is able to purchase some tents and supplies for his friends.

At the underpass, the kids hold a ceremony for Graciela. Everyone in the community places some sort of offering in honor of the deceased woman, showing the camaraderie here. Gert is devastated she couldn’t be strong enough to help Molly but is thankful Chase was. When she does finally get the courage to talk to her sister, Molly isn’t sad but angry. She wants to face PRIDE head on, and she’ll probably get that opportunity sooner rather than later.

Nico and Karolina share a tender moment, with the former breaking down once the two are alone. She’s been putting on a strong face for the rest of the group but the knowledge her parents helped murder Graciela is tearing her apart. Karolina promises they’ll fix what they’ve done and suddenly we’re wondering why Nico isn’t group leader.

The next morning, the Runaways wake up to the sound of Chase’s fistigons. The kid from earlier is firing them around and decides he’s going to keep them. All of the teens hop on some bikes to chase him down, but Old Lace ultimately takes the thief down. He quickly hands over the fistigons, but Karolina is the real hero. She finds a deserted old hotel, which is the show’s version of the Hostel. At least the teens finally have a place to call home.

Back in PRIDE, Tina and Geoffrey decide to unite the group by becoming the leaders. Both appear to be playing the other with Tina smirking as she walks out of the room. Geoffrey promises his wife this is just a plan to kill the remaining members once they find Alex. However, Leslie spends most of the premiere apologizing for her mistakes but we won’t count her out for a future power grab.

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Jonah makes two appearances in this episode. One, he visits Victor’s dream state where he’s spending time healing. He needs to build a new box to help Jonah but will need his wife’s help to do so. However, he gets a mysterious text asking him to meet. Who is the sender? It’s none other than Karolina! She wants to know who she is but won’t sell out her friends. Could she be the mole?

The earthquakes seem to begin at the end of the episode, and the kids might need to jump into action sooner than expected.

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