15 Best Netflix original series of 2018: A Year in Review

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6. The Last Kingdom, Season 3

Based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom got its start as a BBC America series in 2015. To receive a second season, Netflix co-produced it with BBC Two in 2017.

By the third season, The Last Kingdom had become an exclusive Netflix original series as they carried the story on.

Taking place in the 9th Century AD, England was divided into seven kingdoms and the Viking Danes attacked and conquered them all one-by-one until only one Kingdom was left — Wessex.

Season 3 was based on the novels The Burning Land and Death of Kings and was released on Nov. 19, 2018.

A fourth season was ordered by Netflix one month later, proving that fans still loved the historical series.

5. Daredevil, Season 3

Marvel and Netflix released some great TV in 2018. jessica Jones season 2 was the first to hit, fans loved it, and it will get a third season.

Iron Fist was a huge improvement over its first season — but Netflix canceled it after that second season ended. Luke Cage also had a great second season — but was also canceled.

Those were casualties to the announcement of Disney+ — which will take Marvel movies away from Netflix later in 2019.

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In October, Daredevil season 3 hit and it was the best of all four 2018 releases — bringing in Bullseye, bringing back Kingpin and telling a version of the classic Born Again comic book storyline.

As the best of all Marvel Netflix series, Daredevil season 3 might have been the best of the best. And, Netflix canceled it too.

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch what might be the best Marvel TV series of 2018.