Kingdom Netflix trailer: When does the new Netflix original zombie series premiere?


If you thought the zombie genre was oversaturated, prepare for something completely unique coming from Netflix called Kingdom.

The Kingdom is a Netflix original series from South Korea and takes the zombie genre somewhere it has never been before.

What is The Kingdom on Netflix about?

Starting from the top, Kingdom on Netflix is about a zombie outbreak in an ancient kingdom.

A crown prince realizes there was a conspiracy against him and he sets out to learn of the evil scheme and save his people.

This all leads to a mysterious plague and the zombies rising to eat villagers. There was also a ton cool medieval looking fighting to defend their kingdom, with swords, bows and arrows and more.

Here is the Kingdom Netflix trailer that was released on Wednesday.

One thing to notice here is that this goes really hardcore on the violence of the zombie massacre.

Seriously, look at the child who walks in and asks for her mother only to see her mom — now a zombie — turn and rush to grab her. That was disturbing.

There was also more than one moment that showed an entire zombie herd chowing down on one person, which should make people who miss the zombie carnage on The Walking Dead happy.

When does Kingdom premiere on Netflix?

Kingdom is one of the Netflix original series that premieres in January. The official premiere date is January 25.

Kingdom consists of six episodes and includes a very familiar Netflix original series actress in Bae Doona, who also starred in Sense8. This is a foreign language Netflix original series, so be prepared for that.

Netflix has high hopes that viewers will love the carnage in this new zombie series because they already greenlit a second season of Kingdom, which will start the production less than a month after the first season drops.

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SHow Snob will also be here to recap the entire first season when it drops, so stay tuned.

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