The Punisher: Netflix releases a new teaser for season 2


The latest teaser for The Punisher gives us the premiere date.

Netflix released a short clip for the upcoming season of The Punisher to finally tell fans when it’s dropping. Shockingly, it’s sooner than you’d think, with the show officially returning on January 18. It’s a little surprising the season has yet to receive even a full-length trailer when the premiere is about two weeks away.

Spoilers for season one of The Punisher below.

Nevertheless, the minute-long video does give us a pretty clear look at Ben Barnes’ Billy Russo aka Jigsaw. Unlike the comic books or video game adaptation of the character, this Jigsaw isn’t quite as deformed. His scarring is initially a bit underwhelming but does make sense considering the Netflix/Marvel shows have always tried to be a bit more grounded in reality. While it could’ve been cool to see The Punisher do something a bit more grotesque like Jerome Valeska on Gotham, we’re confident Ben Barnes will be just as terrifying without looking as monster-like.

It also appears like Billy Russo will be getting a mask to wear over his scars. The white and black mask can be seen covering his face throughout the teaser and definitely looks like an interesting addition to the costume.

As for Frank, it looks like he won’t be a retired vigilante for long. At the end of season one, it seemed like he might finally be putting the violence behind and beginning a new life. However, Jigsaw’s antics are bound to drag him back into the fray this season.

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Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t give us a look at Josh Stewart’s new villain, or Karen Page. It’s been confirmed that she’ll be returning, and Stewart did give some insight to his character earlier. However, it appears like Netflix plans to keep fans surprised about how all of these characters will fit into this season’s narrative.

Are you excited for season two of The Punisher? Be sure to check back here on January 18 for a recap of the new season!