The Punisher set video confirms a villainous return in season two


New set video from The Punisher teases a villainous return for season two.

Fans of the popular Netflix series can rest easy knowing audience-favorite Billy Russo will be returning. A new video on Instagram confirmed Ben Barnes’ appearance for season two of The Punisher.

It won’t come as a massive surprise to see Russo return considering the freshman run set up his villainous origins. However, with so many rumors about what comic book arc this season will follow, it’s nice to get confirmation.

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Viewers familiar with The Punisher comics will recognize Russo as infamous villain Jigsaw. No, not the clown from the Saw franchise, but a mobster who Frank disfigures. His name originates from the scars on his face looking similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Naturally, he dedicates his life to taking down the man who stole his good looks and power.

The Netflix show tweaked these origins slightly, with Russo a formerly good friend to Frank. By the end of the season, the two have become bitter enemies which ends in a fight. Frank throws him through a window, leaving Billy in a coma and covered in bandages.

It’s unclear whether The Punisher plans to keep Russo’s notoriously hideous face or simply have him covered with a mask. The set video has Barnes pulling a mask off to reveal his identity, which makes it seem like the latter.

With Jigsaw finally embracing his villainous side, fans are likely going to wonder if his comic book son, Henry Russo will appear. Henry ends up becoming a valuable ally to Frank and extremely helpful in taking his father down. It’s possible Netflix introduces a character similar to Henry since Billy doesn’t yet have any children on the show.

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Nonetheless, the cat-and-mouse relationship between Jigsaw and Frank is likely to remain the same. It will also set up a long-term villain for the series similar to Daredevil’s Kingpin. While it’s unclear how large a part Russo will have in this season, it’s nice to know he’ll be a part of it in some form.

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Source: Marvelous Guy on Instagram