Comedians of the World episode 3 recap: USA Nicole Byer


Netflix released Comedians of the World on New Year’s Day. It’s a collection of 47 half-hour comedy specials from comedians from around the world. Episode three features a set from Nicole Byer.

A quick recap of the show premise: Comedians of the World is a sampler and reference guide for stand-up comedy on a global level. There are four comedians from eight different regions around the world. At least one of the four comics from each region identifies as female.

Not all of the half-hour sets are traditionally staged as we think of it. There are episodes in languages other than English, which allows us to hear those comedians perform in their native language. There are sets in Spanish, Portuguese, and German just to name a few.

Nicole Byer

I’ve been a fan of Nicole Byer’s since I discovered The Pursuit of Sexiness back in 2014. It was a web series that featured Byer and her best friend Sasheer Zamata (SNL). It was grounded in reality, but the premises delightfully clashed with that reality. I still rewatch it every so often when I need guaranteed laughs. I even made the theme music my ringtone for text messages.

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More from Netflix

Byer has gone on to do bigger things. She’s starring in *Loosely Exactly Nicole on Facebook, where she develops her voice as a comedian while struggling through auditions, bills, and Tinder. She also stars in Nailed It on Netflix. You can also check Byer out on her podcast Why Won’t You Date Me and see her stand-up live on tour. Her Instagram is quality follow, as well.

Delta Airlines Messed Up

There a lot of people who claim to hate everything about the idea of being politically correct. Most of the time it’s some meaningless posturing that sounds good at the bar. But, if you genuinely don’t care for politically correct, repressed people, Nicole Byer has the fierce, honest, and funny stand-up special for you.

This is funny from start to finish. A large part of the special deals with the concept of regarding women of size as sorrowful beings. I mean, I just used the airline term ‘women of size.’ On the surface that sounds prestigious, but if you think about it for less than a second, it’s pretty dismissive. That’s the concept that Byer completely destroys.

Whereas Neal Brennan and Chris D’Elia used comparisons of Americans to other countries and cultures, Byer compares Americans to Americans. We’re a diverse country with a ton of variables. Byer asks some legit questions and turns them into runs that made me laugh out loud.

Byer’s personality really shines through, as well. She’s in total command of the audience and shows this by doing her crowd work organically in the middle of her set. While she does destroy a lot of misconceptions that can leave people feeling alienated, she doesn’t really concern herself with providing self effacing landing pad tags that would take the edge off. Byer is fast moving and sweet. Her personality is infectious and you want to hear what she’s going to say next.

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She closes on a customer service situation with Delta Airlines that is equal parts horrifying and hilarious. I highly recommend Nicole Byer’s Comedians of the World half-hour stand-up set. It’s a good time that left me wanting her to go for a full hour.

Are you streaming Comedians of the World? Who’s your favorite comedian so far? Let’s discuss in the comments!