Daredevil: Vincent D’Onofrio shares a petition to save the show


Could this Daredevil petition bring the show back?

In the age of revivals and last minute renewals, it seems like any show could be saved from cancellation. Typically, Netflix is targeted by passionate fan campaigns since they have picked up series like LuciferLongmireFull House, and Designated Survivor. However, Daredevil fans are presented with a bit of a dilemma since the streaming service was the one who canceled their show.

Nevertheless, viewers aren’t going to give up so easily. Vincent D’Onofrio, who played Wilson Fisk or Kingpin, has shared a petition on his Twitter account trying to drum up more signatures. The actor posted the website, Save Daredevil, where fans can find the petition.

Also on the site are more ways to help the campaign. Clicking more you can do details a letter-writing campaign and #OperationNapkins which consists of sending messages on napkins to Jeph Loeb at Marvel. The napkins come from the season three finale of Daredevil, where Foggy wrote Nelson, Murdock, and Page on a napkin as a promise for a new beginning.

The website also has a FAQ page to answer most questions that fans have regarding the information around the cancellation. This is perfect for people who want to learn more about the Netflix and Marvel agreement as well as some of the rumors circulating.

On the front page, fans can also go straight to the petition on Change.org which was started by Joseph Garcia. So far 110,912 signatures out of the 150,000 goal. The petition started about a month ago, and it seems like it might reach the goal by the end of January.

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Will a petition save Daredevil? If it’s true that Netflix has creative control over these characters for two years, it seems like this will be the end of this version of the characters. However, this is a contract which means Marvel could potentially buy their way out of it. Both Netflix and Marvel haven’t shared much about their agreement so we don’t know if this is even a discussion they’re having. Nevertheless, we’ll still hold out hope that Daredevil will live on.

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