Daredevil stars comment on the shocking cancellation


The cancellation of Marvel’s beloved Daredevil even shocked the cast.

When Netflix axed Iron Fist and Luke Cage, some fans and many news outlets began to fear for the worst. However, the creatively strong third season of Daredevil made many hope the streaming service would at least keep the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen around. Unfortunately, the high price of the Marvel shows and some corporate rivalry ultimately led to a cancellation. Daredevil himself has finally broken his silence regarding the shocking decision and his own feelings about it.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Charlie Cox expressed his disappointment about the cancellation.

"“A lot of us really expected to keep going, and I certainly did. The truth is, I felt like we had a lot of stories to tell, and although I understand [the cancellation], I’m very saddened by that."

While there have been reports Daredevil could live on in another format, there’s been no confirmation of a project in the works. It’s unclear how the Netflix/Marvel contract is formatted and whether Disney could move the Defenders franchise to Hulu or Disney+. However, many fans are hoping Matt Murdock makes the jump to the big screen alongside the Avengers. Again, there has been no word from Marvel whether this is even possible but one can hope.

"“It’s just how business works. But also, these characters mean a lot to people. It’s weird to think there’s a chance I won’t be playing Matt Murdock ever again. That’s a bizarre feeling, because that character has been such a huge part of my life for the last four and a half years.”"

It would be a shame if we never got to see Charlie Cox suit up as the blind hero again. He brought so much emotion and passion for the role, it’s hard to imagine anyone else ever taking on the character. Not to mention, Cox himself has said this was one hundred percent his “dream job”.

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"“It’s been just the most incredible job for me. It’s so fun to do. You get to do all the acting obviously, which is great, but then there’s also this really fun physical aspect to it with all the stunts and the fight choreography.”"

While fans might want to know what a potential season 4 would’ve looked like, he’s not planning to give away any storylines. Before Netflix officially axed the series, a writers room had been assembled to begin work. It seems like the showrunner and writers had a general idea of the story arcs for each character. Unfortunately, Charlie Cox thinks it would only upset fans to know what they had planned. If season 4 never comes to fruition, then it will just leave viewers bitter they never got to see some of the storylines.

"“I hate to be boring, but to be honest, I don’t think I should answer that,” he says. “It’s so new, the news. It’s quite painful for quite a lot of people. I was really excited about the ideas that were talked about for season 4, and I think if I was to speculate about it and it went on the internet, it might not be very helpful to people.… Anything I say often gets picked up and circulated, and I just want to make sure I don’t give any false hope.”"

As for Vincent D’Onofrio, he voiced his frustrations on Twitter. He linked an article pointing out just how popular Daredevil still is and commenting it makes no sense as to why Netflix would cancel it.

Meanwhile, Deborah Ann Woll (who played Karen Page), responded to Cox’s comments as well as posted a tribute to her character. Season 3 saw Karen really come into her own as a character. While she’s been met with a mixed reaction from fans in the past, Karen arguably had one of the best arcs this year. We would’ve loved to see Nelson, Murdock & Page back in action at their own law firm. Karen definitely could’ve given Jessica Jones a run for her money as a private investigator.

As disappointing as it is to know Daredevil has come to an end on Netflix, we’ll still hold out hope Charlie Cox can return as the titular character. Cox himself is open to donning the mask again as well. In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, he enthusiastically confirmed he’d love to play Matt Murdock again.

"“Oh my God, yeah. I don’t know how this would happen, but maybe one day we could pick up the baton and do it again.”"

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After the somber trailer for Avengers: Endgame, it seems like there could be an opening on the roster of the action-packed team-up film. While there’s been a long-documented history of the feud between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television, perhaps the two can put their differences aside to get Daredevil in the movies.

Are you disappointed by Daredevil‘s cancellation? Do you still want to see Charlie Cox as the character? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!