The Grace and Frankie season 5 trailer is here!


The trailer for the new season of Grace and Frankie is here!

“They’re back, and out of f*cks to give.”

Early today, Netflix released the trailer for one of the platform’s most beloved comedy series. Grace and Frankie is set to ring in the new year as one of the first of many returning shows. The show continues its momentum with its current theme: IDGAF. The new season follows the events of season four, where Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie’s (Lily Tomlin) children sale their home. Since the children don’t trust the women to live on their own, the unlikely duo is faced with a series of new obstacles…which looks to yield some hilarious results.

Unwilling to vacate their home, the pair of friends camp out in the empty house. The women have dealt with a lot of mishaps in their lives, so they’re taking a new approach. Both Grace and Frankie are taking time for themselves, and also taking risks. In the trailer, Frankie is asked, “So you’re just gonna act like a teenager?”

Frankie remarks, ” Maybe I’m acting like a grown woman who is finally living by her own rules.”

With no more cares to give, it looks like the duo are taking on a whole new life. There looks to be some romance, a retreat, and a whole lot of adult shenanigans in the latest season.

For the series, Lily Tomlin has been nominated for the past four years for an Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy, and both Tomlin and Fonda have been nominated for SAG awards for Grace and Frankie. Will the actresses be nominated in the coming months for the latest season?

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The fifth season of Grace and Frankie will be available on Netflix on January 18th. The countdown is on!

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