Friends from College season 2 episode 4 recap: The Bachelor Party


The third episode of Friends from College showed Ethan and Sam both struggling to find who they are outside of their marriages.

Plus, Lisa was going to try IVF again but failed to be completely honest about cheating on Charlie.

Friends from College’s fourth episode opens with Lisa joining Sam at a restaurant. Marianne thought that it would be a good idea for the two of them to sit down together and talk before they all head to Max’s bachelor party.

Sam keeps trying to make small jokes, but Lisa is having not of that. Lisa says that they’ll obviously never be friends again, but she hopes they can at least find a way to be in the same room together.

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Sam pulls out a letter that she had written and hoped to read to Lisa. Lisa stops her. Lisa refuses to even take the letter with her.

Instead, Lisa asks Sam about a trip they all took together. It’s a trip Sam remembers fondly, but Lisa just keeps thinking about one day during the trip when Sam and Ethan stayed behind while everyone else went skiing.

Now, the whole trip is tainted for Lisa. Not knowing what was going on in her own life makes her feel dumb and sad. Sam says nothing happened with Ethan on that trip, but Lisa says she’ll never believe another word Sam says.

Back in Sam’s apartment, she’s searching for her sunglasses while Marianne watches on. Sam is clearly still shaken by what happened with Lisa. Marianne sees it as a step toward things getting better, but Sam doesn’t see any way things can get better between her and Lisa.

Ethan, Max and Nick gather on a street corner before the trip and Nick says Merrill isn’t coming because he’s in the doghouse with her. Max was hoping her coming would keep Nick in check, but Nick and Ethan are already getting a little wacky.

Max was hoping for a “classy” bachelor party, and he’s rightfully worried about Ethan and Nick’s antics. While Felix is getting massages and a nice dinner, Max has no idea what he’s in for and is very nervous. Even Ethan has no idea what Nick has planned.

Their first stop is to get on a very nice private jet that Nick has gotten for the occasion. After the main six (plus Charlie) are on board, Marianne and Nick say everyone is there. Which is strange to Max because he had given Marianne a list of people to invite (including childhood and work friends), people who he had previously verbally invited.

Marianne decided that it’d be more fun if it was just the core group that they know and like. Of course, Nick and Marianne don’t care at all about what Max wanted. And right on cue, a stripper (which Max expressly said he didn’t want) dressed as a pilot comes up to Max and rips off his pants.

Everyone thinks it’s incredibly hilarious, but Max is visibly uncomfortable and finally gets the stripper to stop.

Afterward, Marianne asks Lisa (and Charlie, because he’s always just kind of there) how the chat with Sam went. Lisa says it went well and actually helped. But, seeing Sam off in a corner keeping a low profile, Lisa seems shocked that Sam is acting weird (as if telling someone you’ll never be friends again should make them super normal around you).

Eventually, now that they’re in the air and drinking champagne, Max relaxes a bit. The fun is short-lived when Nick finally tells everyone where they’re headed: Atlantic City. Absolutely no one is excited about that choice. (Ok, Charlie seemed to be fine with the idea.)

Everyone is either grossed out by the idea of soaking in an Atlantic City hot tub or at least really confused by the idea of taking a private jet on a super short hop from New York to New Jersey.

When checking into the hotel, Ethan and Sam wind up in line together. Sam notes that it’s not a great look for them because it looks like they’re checking together. Ethan says that there’s no reason for anyone to be suspicious because they haven’t been in touch with each other. Except, as Sam points out, that one text.

Sam never responded to it because she doesn’t want things to start again. She equates it to eating one cookie and then needing to eat the whole box.

Later, the group gets Nick’s second surprise of the trip: a private party room at a restaurant. The decorations include an inflatable sex doll. It’s not classy. Included in the festivities is a David Beckham “look alike.” Charlie is the only one who could tell it was Beckham, the guy looks nothing like him.

It’s just another example of Nick not thinking of Max at all. As Max says, he’s never even thought about David Beckham. Ever. Nick tries to justify it by saying Beckham has a huge homosexual fanbase and is a gay icon.

To add insult to injury, Max receives a text from Felix who is getting a private tour of The Met.

Eventually, the group devolves into silly games at their table, but Max looks miserable. As Max tries to order his dinner, he asks the waiter for a New York strip steak, but they’re out. The waiter then suggests the New Jersey strip. Falling for it, Max asks what the New Jersey strip is and, unsurprisingly, the waiter rips off his pants.

Max seems slightly more entertained this time, but not by much. He still gets away from the stripper and tells the stripper to stop immediately.

After the dinner, the David Beckham lookalike and Sam in a blonde wig (which apparently makes her look like Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice) are approached by two men who ask for a photo. Nick points out that this definitely means David Beckham is a gay icon.

The group then goes out and people continue to take pictures of fake David Beckham and Sam and post them to Instagram. All of this attention is making Lisa angry. She wanted Sam to have fun to a point, but this is just too much fun for Sam.

Lisa awkwardly throws herself into the mix by pretending to be Baby Spice. No one is buying it. It’s really embarrassing. Lisa then blurts out that she looks more like Posh anyway, but that was taken.

Sam tries to quell things by saying Lisa can be Posh if she wants, but Sam’s not having any of it.  Lisa then tells the group they’re going to do something fun. By that, she means those terrifying slingshot rides at theme parks that put you in a ball cage and slingshot you straight into the air.

Only Charlie agrees to also do it.

Afterward, the group watches the video and sees Charlie continually going in and out of consciousness during the ride. Lisa is concerned about him, but the rest of the group teases him a little bit. Then Charlie pretends to get mad and faint, making everyone truly concerned, before he whips around and flips them all off.

Everyone, except Lisa, loved the joke.

Later, at the craps table, Max laments about how much money he’s lost and how much he truly hates casinos. In an attempt to apologize, Nick gives him some chips and tells him to try one more time. Nick also promises that Max’s next bachelor party will be classier.

Max agrees to stick around but doesn’t want to roll the dice. He has “Posh” roll, and, surprise surprise they win. And keep winning. They’re really getting into the Spice Girls idea and Lisa clearly hates how much fun and success Sam is having.

Eventually, Lisa snaps and grabs the dice out of Sam’s hand and throws them across the room.

Lisa is promptly thrown out of the casino and Charlie goes out with her and suggests they go back to the room. Lisa says she wants to keep having fun, but Charlie knows that chance is long gone. To Lisa, it feels like Sam is stealing her friends away from her.

The rest of the group (except Max) joins them outside and Lisa apologizes for how she was acting. They all accept. Right then Max comes out holding wads of cash, apparently, he won over $6,000. He’s going to use it to buy a lot of salt water taffy.

As the sun rises after their night out, the group sits on the beach eating the taffy Max bought. (Except Charlie, who is passed out in the sand.) Max, finally coming around, admits that the bachelor party was actually pretty nice.

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This episode of Friends from College winds down with Ethan knocking on Sam’s hotel room door to check in on her. That talk about how Lisa is still angry. Ethan jokes that Sam made a hot Victoria Beckham and Sam retorts that that’s because he has a thing for married women.

Ethan smirks and says “not anymore.”

One step closer to the inevitable pairing of Ethan and Sam. What did you think of Max’s bachelor party? Would you have enjoyed that trip? Let us know your thoughts on this episode of Friends from College in the comments. Make sure to catch Friends From College on Netflix.