Friends from College season 2 episode 3 recap: Out All Night


The eventful second episode of Friends from College had Lisa and Ethan have sex one last time while cleaning out a storage unit, Jon called everyone in Sam’s phone to tell them about the divorce and her affair, and Nick went on a date with Merrill.

The third episode of Friends from College starts with Lisa and Ethan signing their divorce papers. As Lisa rushes to sign each spot in their papers, she removes the tabs marking where to sign so Ethan has to search for those places when it’s his chance to sign.

Once she’s finished, Ethan asks if she’s ok and she assures him that he doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. She’s moving on and so can he.

In Merrill’s apartment, Nick—ever the child—is having a pillow fight with Merrill’s son. Or, more accurately, he’s just wailing on the kid. Honestly, though, he and Merrill’s son are getting along really well.

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Merrill comes in and invites Nick to attend a dinner party that night that she’s hosting so he can meet some of her friends. Even though the party is catered, Nick offers to bring onion dip. Merrill, thinking he’s joking, kids with him by saying they prefer jalapeño poppers.

Elsewhere, Lisa tries to surprise Charlie, her new boyfriend, by saying she wants to join him for his weekend soccer game. He’s a bit confused, considering she normally makes fun of him and his friends for playing soccer—calling it recess. Moving past that though, he’s extremely excited about her joining.

Sam, in a therapy session, talks about being without her children for the first time as Jon takes them for the first half of the week. As she discusses not being able to figure out what to do with her night, she jokes (or “jokes”) about how she could book a hotel with Ethan.

After being pressured into voicing an opinion, the therapist suggests Sam stay in.

Sam returns to her empty home and sits on her child’s bed and — clearly lonely — calls Marianne.

Meanwhile, Max has taken Ethan shopping to revamp his look. Ethan is getting ready for a date that Max has set up and Ethan is absolutely terrified. He doesn’t like the idea of having to tell all of his old stories to a brand new person.

Lisa finally joins Charlie for his soccer game. He’s full of energy, greeting the rest of his friends and she’s awkwardly holding a coffee. (Note: No room for coffee on the soccer field, folks.) Charlie and his friends are very, very intense about their soccer. Lisa, who only played soccer as a kid, was not prepared for what she’s gotten herself into.

Lisa tries to start a conversation with one of the opposing players, who promptly knocks Lisa down and scores.

After yet another mistake by Lisa, Charlie starts to get frustrated and Lisa starts to feel attacked. He asks her to go cool off and she kicks the ball off the field before storming off.

Dejected, Lisa walks down the street and comes across a lone toddler. She picks the child up and tries to find his parents. She looks inside a coffee shop where someone says that the little boy looks just like Lisa.

Just then, the child’s family rushes in. Apparently, the child had wandered off while they weren’t paying attention. They thank her and leave, but Lisa is left super awkwardly standing in front of the woman who had just said the kid looked like Lisa.

Sam, who has decided to go out for the night, meets Nick and Marianne for dinner. Before even being seated at the restaurant, someone comes up to Sam and says that she heard about Sam’s divorce. Annoyed by and unable to deal with the pity of people around her, Sam says they need to leave. People have been pitying her everywhere she goes.

As a group, they decide to walk, smoke weed and see where the wind takes them. (With no talk of the fact that Nick was invited to a dinner party, mind you. I’m sure that won’t come back to bite him.)

After strolling for a bit, they decide to go into a Polish dance club. A little high, they all decide to dive in and start dancing.

Ethan meets a very drunk Max for his not-a-date date and, after Max tries to poke Ethan, Ethan accidentally elbows his date, Joanna, in the face as she was approaching the two men. As the three sit down for dinner, Joanna tells Ethan that she loved his book (still titled “Boy Horse”).

Just as they start to hit it off, drunk Max jumps in saying that the idea for the book was actually his. Ethan tries to explain that he worked with Max to come up with the idea but Max didn’t do any of the writing, but in Joanna’s eyes the whole thing comes off as Max doing all the work while Ethan takes credit.

Thankfully, drunk Max gets them all out of the awkward situation he’s created by suggesting they go dancing. So, they hit up a club.

Back at the Polish dance club, Sam accidentally locks herself in a closet while stumbling around trying to find the bathroom. Somehow (probably because she’s high), Sam manages to drop her phone and accidentally kick it under the door.

Then, as Nick and Marianne look for her (right outside of the closet door where she’s stuck), they speculate that Sam pulled a classic “Sam goodbye” (leaving without saying goodbye). So, they shrug and leave.

Unable to reach her friends for help, Sam breaks down and cries in the closet.

Charlie gets home from playing soccer and both he and Lisa apologize to each other. Lisa tells him there’s something she needs to talk about with him and he immediately thinks his behavior on the soccer field messed up their relationship.

But really, Lisa tells Charlie that she wants to try IVF again so she can have a baby and wants to do it with him. He immediately accepts and kisses her. As he kneels in front of her and they both cry a little, Lisa tells him that she “cheated.” Charlie interprets this as her admitting that she cheated during the soccer game and he forgives her and runs off to get champagne.

Lisa doesn’t correct him. But she seems to reconcile this in her mind by the fact that, well, she did tell him.

After the Polish dance club, Nick and Marianne bike to Merrill’s apartment and, because they’re too high to know better, bring their bikes into her apartment. Of course, they look incredibly out of place crashing her already-in-progress, upscale dinner party.

After pulling Nick aside, Merrill tells him that she was humiliated by how he came (four hours late) to her party. He tries to make an excuse by saying he had said he’d “swing by” and that’s what he did. But Merrill shoots back by saying she’s not looking for a “swing by” relationship at this point in her life.

Joanne parts ways with Max and Ethan after they leave the club. Max is baffled that Ethan didn’t go with her and is frustrated because it seems like Ethan is still stuck on Sam. Ethan says it’s just that he’s not ready to date.

Just then, Max receives a text that Felix is coming home early. Max is way too drunk and he knows Felix doesn’t like when he’s this drunk. Ethan calls Max a cab and sends Max home.

Walking alone down the street, Ethan decides to text Sam that he misses her. Ethan just happens to walk right by the entrance to the Polish dance club where Sam is still stuck in the closet, but he doesn’t go in.

Finally, the club’s janitor (well after the club has closed) unlocks the door and lets Sam out. Somehow, miraculously Sam’s phone wasn’t stolen (or placed in lost and found or broken or anything) and is still sitting in the middle of the floor.

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As she leaves the club, she checks her phone and smiles.

Will Sam and Ethan end up together? Will Nick get his act together long enough to make things work with Merrill? Let us know your Friends from College thoughts in the comments and make sure to stream the series on Netflix.