Friends from College season 2, episode 2 recap: Storage Unit


The first episode of this season of Friends from College brought the six friends together for the first time in a long time. There’s a new man in Lisa’s life and Sam and her husband may be getting a divorce.

This episode of Friends from College opens with Jon, who is not sleeping in the same room as Sam anymore, sneaking into Sam’s bedroom and grabbing her phone. He goes to his computer and syncs her phone with his computer and his phone.

He then pulls out a small voice recorder and begins explaining why his marriage isn’t working out. In a strange move, he then calls the first contact of Sam’s and plays the message he recorded. It’s hard to tell if he finds this funny or sad or a bit of both.

Moving on to Ethan. He’s over a Max’s place thanking him for allowing him and Lisa to store their things in his storage unit for the past year. Ethan and Lisa will be clearing out the storage unit together and Ethan has no plan on how to deal with or interact with her during the process.

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Max suggests just moving everything in complete silence. But, let’s be honest here, Max is much more concerned with having an empty storage unit than anything else. Max confesses that having Ethan and Lisa’s stuff around reminds him of everything that can go wrong in a relationship and that’s not good so close to his wedding.

Down in the storage unit, both Ethan and Lisa try not to show their emotions to each other and work to stay all business even though they are both struggling.

Elsewhere, Nick and Sam are shopping for a “more mature” look for Nick’s apartment. As they shop, Sam gets a call from her office and she finds out that Jon called her assistant to tell her that they were getting a divorce. While Sam struggles to figure out what’s going on, Nick also gets a call from Jon.

Nick, finding it weird that Jon is just rambling on non-stop, eventually puts the call on speakerphone. This transitions to Marianne playing a voicemail she received from Jon for Sam and Nick. It’s the same message Nick heard.

The message talks about the affair and how the affair started before their children were born. It paints an ugly picture of Sam (which, if we’re being real, paints an even uglier picture of Jon as a person).

Slowly, Sam starts to receive messages from people who have gotten the call: Friends, parents from her children’s school, clients, etc.

Marianne gets the idea of trying to find Jon’s iPhone since Sam has no idea where he is and can’t get ahold of him on the phone on Friends from College. They find his phone’s location and together they head out to try to track him down.

Back in the storage unit, Ethan and Lisa are showing furniture to a potential buyer. When the buyer steps away, Lisa gets frustrated with Ethan because, in his attempt to persuade the buyer, he’s been relishing in a lot of their happy memories and trips they’ve taken together.

After being told not to be nostalgic, a frustrated Ethan tells the buyer—who was ready to buy the furniture, by the way—about the affair and that they’re getting divorced. The buyer leaves without buying anything.

As with any “cleaning out old stuff” episode in television history, Ethan and Lisa bicker over what is actually worth throwing out. Lisa tries to toss an old TiVo from the ’90sand Ethan takes it, saying they need to watch it immediately.

Up in Max’s apartment, Ethan is absolutely wrecking the chords behind Max’s television in order to connect his TiVo. After hooking up the TiVo, it reboots a few times as Ethan tries to convince the others that it’ll be worth the wait.

Thankfully the episode shifts over to Sam, Nick, and Marianne who are in the car on their way to find Jon. As they sit in traffic, Nick asks Marianne what she thinks of Merrill Morgan. Marianne quickly calls her a bitch and Nick admits he’s going to go on a date with her.

Amidst a conversation about where Nick should take Merrill on their date, Marianne says that Jon is changing locations. Sam, in her weird attempt to point to a turn Nick should take, accidentally causes Nick to bump the car in front of them.

The driver from the other car flags down an bicycle police officer and the cop discovers that there’s thousands of dollars of unpaid parking tickets on the car. When Nick tries to explain it’s Marianne’s car, they turn around and Marianne is gone. (They’re friends remember? So that makes this…comedy?)

Ethan, who has finally gotten the TiVo to work, plays a Y2K newscast featuring people preparing for the supposed coming apocalypse. Two of the people interviewed are Ethan and Lisa. After a few jokes about how much they used to love the show 24, Ethan and Lisa fall into reminiscing about parties they used to throw themed around the show.

Frustrated by yet another trip down memory lane, Lisa starts individually deleting everything off of the TiVo. When she looks at these and all of their memories, all she sees are the lies because Ethan was with Sam the whole time they were married.

Ethan tries to lamely justify his actions by saying, even though it spanned years, he and Sam were only together a “handful of times.”

He says it wasn’t worth it and he loved his marriage and loved Lisa. But when pressed on why he did it, he says he doesn’t know. He pleads by saying that he’s not a monster, he’s just flawed.

Meanwhile, Sam has finally found Jon and he’s shocked when she walks up to him at a restaurant. He says the calls won’t stop until he’s called everyone in her contacts. He says he’s doing it because she made the mess and he’s just giving her the proper credit.

But, he admits, it’s not making him feel better.

Back in the storage unit, Ethan and Lisa are finally making some progress, things are much more civil. Lisa even stops Ethan from throwing away something that he made for her while they were still together.

In exchange, Ethan wants to play one song from Lisa’s CD case. As soon as it’s turned on, they both start dancing and Ethan gestures to a bottle of wine. Lisa agrees to it. They cheers to their relationship hitting rock bottom.

They drink, clean, and dance only to drink, clean, and dance some more on Friends from College.

Nick, on the tail end of his date with Merrill, seems super nervous. Merrill attempts to invite him up to her apartment, but Nick (who is usually all about hookups) hesitates.

He’s worried about things getting complicated. He’s used to dating younger women and Merrill is smart enough to actually see all of the issues he has. Eventually, he gets over it as she teases him and he goes inside with her.

After they have sex, Nick is getting Merrill a glass of water when he’s surprised in the hallway by a teenaged boy—Merrill’s son.

Ethan and Lisa sit together in the storage unit going through all of Lisa’s old CDs. They’re both clearly a little drunk and even Lisa is starting to fall into the nostalgia.

Ethan confesses that he’s not sure who he’s going to be once their relationship and what they had together is gone. Drunk, vulnerable and bathed in the nostalgia of their past good times, they wind up having sex against the wall of the storage unit.

After the sex ends quickly (due to Ethan not having sex for a year), they both come to the sobering realization that things are over. Just then, Lisa receives the infamous call from Jon.

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She listens to the whole message, hangs up the phone and then smashes the gift she had previously decided to keep on the ground. Furious, she points at Ethan and tells him it’s his mess, he needs to clean it up.

Does Ethan have any chance of pulling Sam and Jon’s marriage back together? Can he even save his own? Let us know your thoughts on Friends from College in the comments.