Comedians of the World episode 8 recap: Canada’s K. Trevor Wilson


Netflix released Comedians of the World on New Year’s Day. It’s a collection of 47 half-hour comedy specials from comedians from around the world. Episode eight features a set from Canada’s K. Trevor Wilson.

quick recap of the show’s premise: Comedians of the World is a sampler and reference guide for stand-up comedy on a global level. There are four comedians from eight different regions around the world. At least one of the four comics from each region identifies as female.

Not all of the half-hour sets are traditionally staged as we think of it. There are episodes in languages other than English, which allows us to hear those comedians perform in their native language. There are sets in Spanish, Portuguese, and German just to name a few.

K. Trevor Wilson

K. Trevor Wilson has been in entertainment and stand-up comedy for 20 years. The Toronto native is well known for playing Squirrely Dan on Comedy TV’s Letterkenny. He’s also co-starred in NBC’s Darcy’s Wildlife and A&E’s Breakout Kings.

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His latest stand-up album, Sorry! (A Canadian Album), debuted at number one on iTunes. Before this Comedians of the World half-hour set, Wilson released a special on Comedy TV titled Bigger in Person. You can check him out live on tour. He has dates posted through late April.

The Man Mountain of Comedy

The tone of this Comedians of the World half-hour set is established immediately. K. Trevor Wilson walks out on stage, sips a drink, and takes the mic. It’s slow and deliberate, which mimics his overall delivery. Wilson speaks slowly in a low voice and admonishes people who refer to themselves as pet parents.

Once the tone and level of observation are set for the audience, Wilson moves on to the main subject of the set: poop and its many uses. Wilson’s arguments did have me thinking of a particular part towards the end of War for the Planet of the Apes in which poop is weaponized as a projectile.

The middle of the set addresses your level of adulthood as being gauged against how prepared you are to clean yourself after you poop. The last section and closer deal with coming of age. Essentially, Wilson ponders the amount of time it takes you to process the first time you poop your own pants as an adult. This is also considered a sign of your body starting to age rapidly because it is no longer able to warn you before you are going to poop.

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Wilson comments that, while this is 30 minutes of poop jokes, these are well thought out and put together poop jokes. They are on a way higher technical level than Nick Swardson’s Comedians of the World set. There is a charm to having someone earnestly break down poop the way K. Trevor Wilson does in his set. That wraps up the Canadian region. Next up: the United Kingdom.

Are you streaming Comedians of the World? Who’s your favorite comedian so far? Let’s discuss in the comments!