Shameless season 9, episode 8 recap: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Alibi


The Gallagher spirit is back in Shameless with Fiona’s downfall, Frank’s schemes and Carl being led by love once again. Where is that body anyways?

The first half of Shameless season 9 showed Fiona’s aspirations, her efforts to reach those goals, and the tip of the downfall iceberg.

To start the second half of this season of Shameless, Fiona’s first seen waking up with her shoes still on. That is a cardinal sin in any house, fraternity, Gallagher or otherwise. Fiona is tearing herself down quicker than Max is demolishing her old apartment building.

Carl is bossing the homestead, helping with bills and winning $100 bets off of Frank. Throughout this episode, Carl is sneaking his new partner in crime in, out and around her dad and the law. Carl is a becoming a true corrupt buffalo soldier.

However, the general sees Carl for the distraction he has become, and won’t see his daughter derailed — going by the ending teaser. It did not take long for Carl to corrupt the straight-laced lady, as she is now strong-arming the scooter community.

Jabby, or Lip as he was once known, has the opposite problem. He has a distraction with a skirt that has him leaving work on a moments notice and looking at rental apartments. How is the weak family connection going to keep Lip in a job, and able to pay for this shag pad?

Kev and Veronica finally get a son, Santiago. The build-up showed a new layer to the machismo culture that women deal with. Instead of focusing on the daughters at home, who could also play catch, Kevin wanted a son.

All that woman issue woke-ness was gone for Kevin. The look on Veronica’s face throughout told the tale. This situation was ruined and getting worse.

Ruined in a terrible, life-altering sense, not just ‘oh the kid likes’ soccer ruined. Veronica at one point tries to imagine what was a worse idea, adopting Santiago or getting pregnant.

Then we all learn of Santiago’s perilous journey to Chicago, of all places. On the positive side, any time the audio is out before a ballgame, just pull Sanitago’s string and a wonderful rendition of the national anthem will grace all ears.

Frank’s frisky Ingrid surprise and breakfast delight just came right on in the house like she was family. Her impromptu plans for the day means luring Frank into becoming a father again. Ingrid had her eggs frozen some years back, in hopes of finding the perfect fatherly model to help her achieve her dream of being a mother.

After some years, she has settled on Frank. This episode showed it is a long hard road to becoming a mother — nine months or not.

Frank’s random prescriptions along with his age may have affected his vitality, or least that of his sperm. Frank has a petri dish of dead swimmers.

Carl though is a true soldier willing to prove his fortitude to win some money. Ingrid never needs to know that the baby Gallagher she is expecting is thanks to the one of Frank’s existing baby Gallagher’s — not direct sourcing from Frank.

Not that the Gallagher apples fall far from the tree. Fiona has turned towards the dark side. She is acting out, committing petty crimes, and taking offenses to petty offenses then lashing out on those not responsible.

Fiona isn’t pulling a Fiona, she is pulling a Frank. The house is a mess, she has not been paying bills or running the diner properly.

The house bills are left up to the responsible Gallagher’s of the times, as always. Carl, Debbie, and Lip will find a way for a while. ‘How long will that last’ has always been the fringe question around every Gallagher plan. Winging it and holding it together only works so long.

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Ian is in prison for a while, and happily so considering that there may not be a house to come home to if one accident or emergency wipes out the Gallaghers best efforts. Lip may get an apartment with a girl he just met. Debbie has a kid to worry about, and Carl is soon off to the military. Fiona and Frank will be left to fend for themselves and fight over the family bar stool. The Gallagher’s second home.